[Resolved] I can't wrap toolset shortcodes in html tags / div tags

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I am trying to display a Types field thusly:

<h3>Title: [types field='sha-subtitle'][/types]</h3>

Link to a page where the issue can be seen:

hidden link

I expected to see:

"Title: Can What You Eat Cause You Problems?"

Instead, I got:

"Can What You Eat Cause You Problems?

P.S. I've tried turning off all (except ToolSet) plugins and a default theme. Didn't change anything.



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You must have more code there than just the ShortCode and H3.

This because of the ShortCode [types field='sha-subtitle'][/types] clearly creating a link, but with dynamic link label (which is not possible in ShortCodes or blocks for URL ShortCodes).

I assume you somehow populate HREF with the ShortCode?
Can you paste here the entire code you use, so I can suggest amendments?

If you are using an URL field of Types, this should work just fine

<h3>Title [types field='url'][/types]</h3>

BUT, you wouldn't get those dynamic link labels as you have, and hence, there should be some code I miss yet, can you share it?


You helped me see my mistake.

I had this:

<h3>Title: [types field='sha-subtitle'][/types]</h3>

and I should have had this:

<h3>Title: [wpv-post-link]</h3>

For whatever reason, I was thinking this:
[types field='sha-subtitle'][/types]
was the shortcode that was outputting the title.
Whoops! My bad!



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Great, I am glad you could resolve the problem.

Please let us know if we can help with anything else.