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[Resolved] How to import states and countries into selects for fields

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Last updated by Daniel 7 years, 8 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Luo Yang.


I'm building my field list for my custom post type, that includes address.
Is there an option to bulk import my US states and my world countries into my "select" field type? (Like Gravity Forms allows?)

I have csv, or excel format to export out.


Luo Yang

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Hi pamb-2,

It is not possible with CVS inport,
Types custom fields setting is stored in your database table wp_options, option_name is wpcf-fields, and for a select custom field, it is stored as an array.

I suggest you try "Module Manager" plugin:

you can create a custom select field, export with "Module Manager", there should be a file "groups.xml", open it with editor( such as notpad++ ), find the codes for the select options: such as:


You can try manually add more options in it, like this:


Then import the new zip file to your website.


if I have to manually add the state names and the unique value, it's just as much , if not more work than manually adding them in the entry screen.. unless I'm missing something?


Luo Yang

Languages: English (English ) Chinese (Simplified) (简体中文 )

Timezone: Asia/Hong_Kong (GMT+08:00)

I don't think there is other workaround for it, and I put it into our to-do list as a feature request, our developers will take care of it.


I'll mark this resolved (even though it's not reallyl) but yet, so make it a feature request, because if Gravity Forms is doing it, I'm sure you folks can do it too 🙂


Any news about this feature? I would need to add countries to my custom field and adding 196 items to my field will take me ages 😉

Best regards,



I've already put the time in on a countries and states list if you're interested. I'd be happy to put a module up on my server for you to download. Respond here and I'll get an email.



Hi Becky, yes It would be great if you could send me a link 🙂 Thank you!
Kind regards,


I'll second the request. And happy to host it ongoing as a public link once I have it to upload.

How do we get each others emails in this system??


Hi Michael & Scott,

People looking for Country lists seems to be pretty popular so, Scott, yes please, if you'd like to host this module, go for it. Here's the link for it - hidden link

The module contains 248 Countries, 50 US States + 6 Territories, & 10 Canadian Provinces + 3 Territories, all in select fields. Hope this helps you guys out a bit.

You know what would be really nice is if the makers of toolset had a user repository for things like this, basic cred forms, templates, & views. -- I know for myself there's so many basic things I haven't learned how to do yet, and the documentation here is pretty horrible for a laymen, that if I had a working example, I could use it as a base and edit it for my needs...Isn't that a novel idea? LOL 😀

I don't think there is a way for getting emails on this system so here's mine...ranydaizatyahoodotcom



Thanks Becky. I have no need for this at the moment but think It might help in the future -- I downloaded it and realize there's really not much better way for me to repository it than you did. Meaning that your suggestion of Toolkit setting up a system is best/only way for people to find it.

I'll think on how to reposit it for now and post a link here.

I actually have some loose plans for the educational stuff you suggest. It's a matter of having time to jump into that as an official project. MAYBE this coming spring.


Thank you for this!

I still recommend making this available within the tool. If Gravity Forms can do it, I'm confident Toolset can too 🙂



I'm looking forward to your "educational stuff". There's not much out there and what is, is ancient history. For people like me who bought this product on the selling point of "no coding required", we could really benefit from examples, laymens terms, step-by-step instructions, and a glossary. I want to learn this stuff and avoid tech support as much as possible but it's very difficult to with the way the instructions and examples are now.


You are very welcome. I agree with you about making it available within the tools. Not only country and states lists, but preformed fields like address which includes the countries/states lists. Just a thought.




By the way, for inputting large quantities of Category-type taxonomies, I've used this:


Pam, Michael, Scott, & Anyone else who comes across this thread,

I've uploaded the module to a permanent spot -- -- Please feel free to share this link with other users you might come across needing countries and states.

Oh, and there's 249 Countries. I've included a couple of screen shots of the setup for those interested.

PS...if anyone wants to start a community repository, I can add you to my box account for a module dumping spot -- Email me at ranydaizatyahoodotcom