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[Resolved] Edit Fields of other Plugins in CRED Forms

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

Can I edit Fields of other non-Toolset Plugins with CRED?

You can add 3rd party User and Post Fields to the CRED Forms.
Then, you will be able to edit them in the Front end with CRED.

You need to head to Post/User Forms and find the Control Fields button.
Then you will be lead to the Control Screen where you can add or remove those 3rd party Fields to CRED Scaffolds.

Fields with complex structure will be destroyed as such, since every software will register different sort of structures.
It's reccomended to make testes first on a local install or develop site.

Relevant Documentation:

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I am using Cred in combination with Woo Commerce to allow paid post submissions. In the checkout notification email I want to display the customer company name in the billing page.

You can display customer first name (%%CUSTOMER_FIRSTNAME%%) and last name, and looks like CUSTOMER_DISPLAYNAME combines the first/last names together.

Is there a way to display the company name?


What is the Company name exactly?

A User Meta field?

You should be able to include it with a Views / Types ShortCode.

I will need more information what exactly the Company is.
Is it a WooCommerce Field?

In that case you need to control it with Types or CRED, but that will most likely not work at the moment, as there are some issues with CRED Control over WooCommerce Fields, and it also depends what kind (type) of field that is.

Can you provide me more details, so I can help you concisely?



I'm interested in following up the answer about using Woocommerce user meta fields with CRED.


Please see the screen shot attached. It is a standard Woo Commerce Checkout billing page. From what I can see, what is typed into the First and Last Name fields can be extracted using %%CUSTOMER_FIRSTNAME%%, etc.

My question is about the Company Name field below the name fields.


There is no Placeholder like this, for the Company name.

The only available are already present in the GUI (Body ShortCodes) when setting up your Notification.

CRED could manage 3rd party POST Fields, but not User Fields.

For this, you will need to first control the User Field (Company name) with Types, or create a Custom ShortCode that calls this Field's meta_value, so to insert it later in your Form's notification.

If you control it with Types, assign it also to a types user field's group.

Then, you can use it in your notifications.

With Toolset, follow this steps:

1. Head to Toolset > User Fields > User Fields Control

2. Find the field you want to control (billing_company in your case)

3. Control it with types

4. Add it to a User Fields Group

5. Head to your CRED Form and in the notification click in "Fields and Views" and find the user Field you just started controlling with Types.

Then you can insert it.

Thank you


I followed the link provided above to try to control the user type. But the page refers to Toolset->Post Forms. From my dashboard, I can see Toolset-> Post Types, Post Fields, and User Fields. Where is the Post Forms option?


As I elaborated, CRED does only support control for 3rd Party POST Fields.
Not for User fields

So you must bring the User field under Types Control as I illustrated.

Then, you can use this in your CRED Forms notifications as shown above.

If you have CRED and Toolset at the latest version, you will find the Toolset > Post Forms under your WP Admin Menu, Toolset > Post Forms.

If you do not see this menu, it means, your Plugins are not up to date.

It seems you see the menu though, but not the Post Forms sub menu.

This would mean, you do not have CRED activated.

In this case, you can also not create Notifications with CRED.

Post Forms (under the Toolset menu) is nothing else but the CRED Forms Admin List, where you create and manage your existing CRED Forms.

Do you not see this Screen?


sorry for the delay. I got bogged down by another Cred issue after the upgrade. I have followed your instructions and got to this point before getting stuck.

- found the field to control (billing_company)
- clicked to manage it with Types
- added a field (billing company) to User Fields Group as a single line field
- in the Cred form notification area paste the following from the Fields and Views:
Billing company: [types usermeta="billing-company" user_is_author="true"][/types]

But the billing company is blank in the email.

Which step did I do wrong?


I have to apologize as I gave you misleading information.

1. Post AND User fields can be added to CRED Scaffolds (this is the FORM), but this relates to the FORMS
So that means, a 3rd party user or pot field can be added to the related Post or User Form

2. You can only use the available %%Placeholder%% Codes (those are in NOTIFICATIONS) that we provide in the GUI.
If you need more such placeholders, you should craft your own with Custom Code.

3. WooCommerce Usually provides the Profile Info (which also includes the billing address, or company) already.

Those are Profile (user) informations, which are grabbed from a Profile.

So the information from the Checkout Screen, will be user Meta and as you correctly did, you need to control this with types, so to include this information in a POST CRED form notification.

Your Code is correct, as long the user will be the author of the Post created.

If not, try with "the current logged user" or a specific user ID (for testing purposes).

[types usermeta="billing_company" user_current="true"][/types]

Also, please acknowledge that we have a BUG in CRED notifications + WooCommerce:

Most likely your notification will not work properly.

You can try the patch provided on the Errata page.


I think I would have to leave it for now. Thanks for the help.

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