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[Resolved] How do I import posts from another wordpress site and preserve their types?

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How do I import another Toolset based site's custom posts, views, access settings and more?
Use our import/export functionality available with the Module Manager plugin or Type's import/export feature
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Assisted by: Ross Fisher.


I'm redesigning a website, and in my new website I'll be relying on Types+Views extensively.

My old site used functions.php register_taxonomy functions to add "Countries" and "Authors" as taxonomies for posts. It was possible to assign multiple countries and/or authors per post.

I intend to export my posts from my old site as XML and import them into the new site. I’d like the Types plugin to “take over” these custom taxonomies and preserve all countries and authors I had assigned to my posts.

How do I do this? I'm guessing something like setup the types on my new site, learn what the domain="" would be, and then do a search and replace on the XML file to make it match?

But I figured I'd ask here since I'm sure you've gotten this question before...

The attached screenshot illustrates a bit better than this message I think.


Thank you for contacting Toolset support, I'd be delighted to assist!

I'm glad you have decided to use Toolset for your redesign, it should make building out easier.

This could be accomplished first by exporting your current site to CSV:

Once done, you can import and assign fields to Types:

This isn't an exact science as every config is unique but should get you on track for the migration. Let me know how it goes!


Okay, I'll look at using the CSV method instead of the XML method.

One more question: Once I setup the custom taxonomies for "Countries" and "Authors", am I ready for import? Or do I also have to go into wordpress and create each of the countries and authors within those taxonomies to prepare for import, e.g. "UK","Finland", etc?


Should just be the Taxonomies themselves, the actual data should import. This includes any child taxonomies you have setup.


Okay, thanks very much. By the way, in the meantime I've done a successful test of just using the XML export and import, and making sure that when I create my custom taxonomies in Types, I use the exact same slug as I used in the old site.

This seems to work very well for my purposes. I'm thinking the CSV method might be better when I've got a more sophisticated import need, e.g. mapping to a custom post type with custom fields and such...

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