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[Resolved] Hiow to solve: Ingredients for Recipes with units

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Last updated by Jean-Francois 10 years, 8 months ago.

Assisted by: Luo Yang.


I want to create something like a recipe book, everything is logical only the one small part of the ingredients.
When I fill in the ingredients of a recipe, I want for each ingredient the value, the units and what it is, like:
10 ml Milk
1 kg meat
I dont want it in as one text element. When I use Ingredients as child type of recipe, I will have many types of 10 ml milk or like that. Is there a custom multidimensional (two is enough) type or will there be one?


Hi Marekovic,

For multidimensional post types, Please try "Use an intermediary object to create the many-to-many relationship", here is the document links:



It is not really resolved, but as I see, it is not really solvable with types and views.
Maybe my description of the problem was not good.
When I want to realize a online cookbook, I have a meal for cooking with many ingredients. I can put all ingred. in one multiline field. But I want it like in a good Database each ingredient as one field, but … and here is my problem. I have a user defined type 'the meal', each meal has many ingredients, ok user defined types, but each ingredient has an individual unit, like kg, g, ml. Ok I can solve this with the taxonomy part, but in one meal I have 500 ml milk in another meal I have 250ml milk and so on. The many-to-many relationship is a possible solution, but not really good, because after some hundreds of recipes I have many elements of milk, one with 100ml, another one with 250ml and so on.
A better solution would be if in the user defined types there will be a type as a 2-dimensional table with rows and cols, or something like an array.
I have to solve it other ways.



Robert, have you been successful in building the ingredients-recipe relationships, I'm facing the same kind of project and could use some pointers on who you defined everything. Perhaps I can pick it up where you're at ?

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