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[Resolved] help with edit form

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Last updated by Waqar 2 months ago.

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Hi there,
You guys helped me with setting up an edit function to my post forms - so that you can edit in the front page. I had help from Waqar so maybe he knows this. When you edit the form i have a field that should never be edited - can this be hidden in the edit part? And also, if i edit a field but dont type in the number of available spots on the camp, the field changes from the previous setting to "Antal pladser". Is it possible to only make the field change if something new is typed in? I tried showing it in the screenshot



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Hi Mai,

Thank you for waiting, while I reviewed the "Host - edit your product" form.

1. To make the "Antal ledige pladser på campen" field, populate the correct stock quantity, you can change that field's default value from the static text "Antal pladser" to the shortcode "wpv-post-field":
( ref: )

[wpv-post-field name='_stock']

Screenshot: hidden link

2. As for the "Camps Products" field, you can simply remove it from the form and it won't be available for editing.

Screenshot: hidden link