[Resolved] have different custom search and shop page

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Tell us what you are trying to do? I want to have different shop pages style for different products and also different custom search for shop pages, I want to know is it possibe ??

Is there any documentation that you are following? I check your documents

Is there a similar example that we can see?

What is the link to your site? hidden link


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I assume we are talking about the shop page of Woocommerce plugin.

The shop page of Woocommerce plugin is archive page of post type "Product", you can customize/style it by wordpress archive with Views plugin:

And you can setup custom search for in the wordpress archive:


hi ,
Thanks in advanced,
Maybe I should explain my question,
I need to use different custom page of Woocommerce for e.g I have Category of Book and T-shirt.
and every category have many sub category and products.
what I need is make custom search for Books and also T-shirt separately.


Luo Yang

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There isn't such a built-in feature within Views, but you can try with some PHP codes, for example:
1) Create two different wordpress archive:
a) title "Book archive", ID 123, assign it to taxonomy "Product Category"
b) title "T-shirt archive", ID 456, do not assign it to any archive page

2) When user open the archive page of term "T-shirt", use Views filter hook "wpv_filter_force_wordpress_archive", to trigger a PHP function, change the archive ID to 456 ("T-shirt archive").

More help:
Filters the ID of the WordPress Archive to be used on a given archive loop.


what about filter?
dynamic filter ?
for example for shirt & laptop categories when choose shirt shows attributes that related to it e.g color ,size , ... and when select laptop shows different attributes like cpu , lcd size, ram etc.,
is it possible something like dynamic filter ???
is it possible to make it with tool set or any plugin that you know ?


i`ll give you an example to see if there is chance.
we have mobile and T-Shirt category.
in mobile category every product have three attributes:1.Display Size 2.Cpu 3.Ram
and in mobile category there is many sub-category that each of them can have their attributes too.

and in T-Shirt category every product have three attributes:1.color 2.size 3.type
same as mobile category,T-shirt category can have sub-category that each of them can have their attributes too.

now i need to different search for each of theme.
i mean when a user went to mobile category he/she should be able to see mobiles based on:1.Display Size 2.Cpu 3.Ram
and when he/she went to t-shirt category he/she should be able to see t-shirt based on:1.color 2.size 3.type


if toolset can't do this what should i do?