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[Resolved] Bootstrap Toolset settings.

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

What are the default settings for the Toolset > Settings of Bootstrap (if it should load or not bootstrap)?

"The theme or another plugin is already loading Bootstrap 3.0"

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I read "Using Toolset with GeneratePress Theme" ( At the bottom you wrote: "By default, Toolset will use the correct settings and you don’t need to make any change".

I changed it and now I don't remember what the default settings are. I set to "Toolset should load Bootstrap 3.0". The forms display correctly, but this option changes GeneratePress settings i.e my main menu broke and I had to set it up again. I have a menu orderd in one line that consists of an image and navigation.

The problem is that in firefox there is a thin space between the image and the navigation visible. How to remove it? I tried different options in customizer, but whatever I do the menu breaks in two lines or the space widens.

This problem appeared when I started using one of Toolset componets and I had to enable "Toolset should load Bootstrap 3.0" option.

Thanks for Your help.


"The theme or another plugin is already loading Bootstrap 3.0" is the default setting if you do not have Layouts.
If you use Layouts, the default is "Toolset should load Bootstrap 3.0"

This is because Layouts requires Bootstrap to render its components properly.

Could you show me the exact issue (spaces in the menu), maybe it's just some CSS that you need to add or adapt?



Thank you for your help.


Is there any possibility to stop bootstrap affecting GeneratePress options?

Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-11 um 16.22.25.png

I see that gap ONLY on Google Chrome.
Please see the Screenshot.

On Firefox, it's not there. I also added a Screenshot.
I also do not see it in Safari

I am not sure, do you want the gap, or do you not want it?

I don't think this is related to Toolset.
Could you pass me that Theme and the instructions how I can replicate the situation?

I activated a Private Reply, so you can share a Google Drive ZIP folder with "anyone who has this link".
Then, I can deploy this locally.

Another possibility is that you send me a Package of your Website:

Thank you


I cannot download the Installer file, and the DropBox File is just an App to extract the files.

Could you zip the installer and either share it with DroBox or Google Drive?
It would also be good if you could zip and share the Archive, as it seems the above download link you provided is not loading it.



Thank you.


This package is not available anymore.

Could you use the suggested Service? Google Drive lets you share the data with me privately, securely, and for as long we need.


No, I cannot delete Support Threads.

You could let me know where in the messages sensitive data is present, that you wish to not appear, then I can consider this, and remove the part.

If you meant the Duplicator Package, I already removed that.
I also removed the direct links to your site.

Do you still need assistance?



Hi, can You delete sensitive data from private message #535192.


That was a private reply and only visible to me and you.

Anyway, I deleted it.

I would suggest to close it here since it seems you do not require more assistance?



Thank You for your help. Sorry for any inconvenience. The solution is to use "navigation as a header" (hidden link). Then there's now such problem.