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[Resolved] Filtering product from within the archive page

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Last updated by Nigel 4 years, 5 months ago.

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I am trying to: Create a filtering fields on all of my woo archive pages.
I created a view that does exactly that, but I cant figure out how to add the filter to the archive pages and make the filter work.
Live URL of my view: hidden link

I want to create a solution where if i'm going to an archive page, I see the relevant products but the search on top is still working (so if I'm on the rings archive, the texonomy on the filter will be rings)

Let me know what you think!



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WordPress archives return all results for that archive, and there is currently no means to filter them to return just a subset of results.

Our developers are currently working on adding this particular feature to Toolset but I don't have any estimates for when it will make it into production.

In the meantime achieving something similar means getting creative.

One alternative is to not use WordPress archives but add pages with views that mimic archive results and that have the parametric search included. The shop links would need to updated to point to those pages.

Another is to persist with the archive pages but not output the archive loop and replace it with parametric search results with the parameters determined by the archive.

For example, to mimic adding search to your category archives, you need to create a view for your product results that will appear in place of the normal category archive.

When creating this view select "Full custom display mode" so that you see all available options. If you choose parametric search you won't see the required query options.

Select the post types to display and add a taxonomy query filter set to "Taxonomy set by parent taxonomy archive".

Complete the view settings for the parametric search and loop output.

You can now create a taxonomy archive and then add this view to it above the archive loop which you will leave empty.

That should create a filterable product view on an archive page in place of the archive itself.


I m also interested in this fucntionality. Is their any update in the estimated date that the functionality is included?

Additionally I think it is rather strange that it is not possible to select the WordPress archive templates (at the moment it is only possible to select a content template in the paramatic search view). Using the archive template feels more natural as in my workflow the content template are used for displaying and styling the post pages. While the archive templates are for the pages that list all the posts.



Languages: English (English ) Spanish (Español )

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I agree, to me parametric searches and archives seem made for each other, and I will additionally bump the feature request with your comments to see if adding this can be accelerated.

Thanks for your input.

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