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The issue here is that the user wanted to filter their parent view by the child post custom field.


Unfortunately no this is not possible. You can only filter a post view based on the values that are on the post that the view is displaying.

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I am trying to: filter 'trainingen' by startdate of the child 'coursedate' (with post relationship)

Link to a page where the issue can be seen: hidden link under the section 'aankomende trainingen'

I expected to see: only 'trainingen' that have 'coursedates' coupled that have a startdate in the future.

Instead, I got: No results.

I added screenshots of my setup. To clarify, traingnen has a child relationship 'coursedates'. These list al the dates for the training. Now i want a view where i filter to show only trainingen with coursedates in the future.



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Hi Glenn,

Thank you for contacting our support forum.

Actually no this is not possible to do. You are not able to filter a view with custom fields from another CPT even if the post is in a relationship.

What you can do is to create a view for the child, then instead of displaying the child information, you tell types to display its parents.

Technically you will be filtering the child posts but displaying the parent information in the view.

Please let me know if this is clear or if further clarification is needed.



Hi Shane,

i think i understand how i can solve my issue with your comment. I just have one question i will probably run into. I only want to show 5 'trainings' and show all dates of that training. However how can i limit the view to only show 5 'trainings' (since i will now be queriyng for 'dates').

I hope i made my question clear

Kind regards,




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Hi Glen,

So this is the issue now. Since the view is displaying courses now instead of training you are essentially limiting it to 5 courses. So if the first 5 courses that are being displayed have the same Training, you will see the same name for each listed item.



My issue is resolved now. Thank you!