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[Resolved] Few bugs using Reusable Block inside the View

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Last updated by Nigel 1 year, 7 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Nigel.


Regarding starting the new site, I don't quite understand what you are saying there. Can you clarify specifically what the problem is?

You are making a template, and adding a View to it, and...?

I'm creating a new "clone" site from zero, I'm rebuilding the site from zero because are 14 days with no solutions...

The developer who is looking into the copy of the site we have wanted to know why all of your content templates are unassigned. It seems like you add Views to unassigned templates, rather than adding Views to pages, is that right? Why is that?
Yes, I'm using the unassigned content templates to create the Views that I use on the pages using Views Module into the Divi Theme Builder.



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I understand that you are starting again, but what I don't understand is what the issue is you are having on the new site, it's not clear from what you said in the previous reply.

If while in the early stages of making a site you are already encountering problems, it may be easier to track down the problem. Perhaps you could create a copy of the site with duplicator and share it?

hidden link

Thanks for clarifying why you are adding the Views to unassigned templates.

In a future version of Blocks—not too far away—we'll separate Views from pages so that you can create a View block without it being tied to some page, and I think that will help your use case.


Thank you for your reply Nigel.
Well, the issue I have with the "new" site is the same as the previous site.
So, if I try to create a View with conditional logic, or if I use dynamic fields and the "target post or CPT post" has the specific field empty, the View going in crash, and the message I have is that I'm offline or the response of the server is not a correct JSON response, ecc... And the resources on the server going to saturation.


in the "new" site I have created a single item for the Views loop without using Conditional Logic, I have added it into a reusable block and I have imported it into the "old" standard site.
Then I have created all Views from zero, and they haven't generated issues, all works very fine now, but without conditional logic, the style of the site is not what I want to have, but now it works.
If you have a solution to use the conditional logic inside the Views loop my site will be more attractive.



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I know the developer is still looking into this now, he thinks he may have found something, but is still working on it.

For my part, I'd like to try to reproduce the set up you are describing on a clean test site, but because in the local copy of your site I have installed I cannot edit the templates at all because of multiple errors reported, I don't know the details of these conditionals that may be causing the problem.

It would be helpful if you could give specific steps of an example of what you are creating that I can reproduce on a test site.

I understand you create unassigned content templates and add a View block to them.

The View block is presumably to display some post type.

What goes in the output of the View block?

You are using conditional blocks, what conditions are they checking?

You are using re-usable blocks. You add re-usable blocks to the output of the View? Inside or outside of a condition?

These re-usable blocks, where did you create them? What do they contain?

If you can guide me towards an example of what you are creating, it might help identify where this is going wrong.



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The developer looking into this identified a problem related to Divi hooking into a post_excerpt filter that resulted in an infinite loop while editing templates, and they have added a fix for that.

We just published an update (available from to Blocks 1.5.1/Views 3.5.1, and I tested that on my local copy of your site, and I was able to edit the template I'd been using for testing that I'd previously been unable to (ID 2539), so it appears to have fixed the main issue.

Could you please update your own site, test, and then let me know where we are at now. Does it resolve all of your issues relating to the editability of templates, or do you still have any problems?


Hi Nigel,
thank you for your reply, and the developer has done a big work. I have updated the Toolset plugins and now all site is more stable and works fine. Now I can edit the Views that results broken before. And in the front end, the site is very speedy. But for the site speed, I'm waiting a time where there is a peak of users.
For now, all work very fine with the last update.



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That's good to know.

Let me mark this as awaiting your feedback, and when you have spent a few days with the update you can decide whether it is okay to close or not.


Ok, perfect.
I'm here and I'm testing the correct functions with the last update.
To now all are going very fine!


Hi Nigel,
now I'm working to add the single item with the conditional logic that I have used before and you have in your clone copy, and I have this issue, see the attached image.


another thing, the site is slow, well after I click to open a page there are 3-4 and more seconds before the load the new page, when the new page appears is very speedy, but from the click to load the page the time is too long.
What could be the cause of this latency?

2 - Edit-Content-Template-‹-Porto-di-Otranto-—-WordPress.png

Can this "," be a bug? (see the screenshot)



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Hi Francesco

Sorry, yesterday was a holiday here, I wasn't working.

I see your screenshots with the JSON error.

Can you give me specific details of what you are doing so that I can try to reproduce it on my local copy of your site?



Hi Nigel,
no problem for yesterday.
If you want you can do a new copy of my site.
Well, the issue is in "lista con ricerca Attivita Nautiche" Content Template

For the speed of site, my hosting provider use the LiteSpeed Web Server, and I don't know if Toolset is perfect compatible with it!



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I'm editing the template in the back end on your site, and although I can see that extra comma in your last screenshot, I don't think it is responsible for the errors, and I cannot reproduce the errors myself.

That could indicate that it is a browser caching issue. Can you clear your browser cache before editing the template again, or try editing it with a different browser than normal.

If you still see the error notice, can you give me exact steps to reproduce it. I'm trying to guess what you are doing from your screenshots, but it would be helpful if you could tell me specifically what steps you are taking when the error appears.