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[Resolved] Few bugs using Reusable Block inside the View

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Last updated by Nigel 1 year, 7 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Nigel.


Why if there aren't posts created into a CPT the View with custom search is not displayed in the front end?
Could it be because the conditional in the main Content Template (the template that contains several conditionals and several nested templates) is evaluating "false" when no posts exists in that archive? The conditional is testing the post type slug, but if no posts are found in the archive I suspect that the post type shortcode does not produce the expected post type slug. Without posts, there is no post type. You could turn on debug mode in the conditional to test that theory.


Hi, a quick update to let you know our team leader has asked the developers for some assistance debugging this issue, and I'll keep you updated on our progress.


Thank you CHristian,
I hope there is a solution soon...


Hi Christian,
yesterday I have done a clone of all entire Multisite installation.
Also I have done the update of all plugin, and there were the Toolset, blocks, etc... Updates, into the cloned site.
After I have done the update, I have tried to open a View where there is the issue, and inside I cannot see the content in the loop.
I can see the list of the elements inside the loop from the drop down menu, but I cannot see the item into the editor.
I have deleted the loop, because I cannot deleted the elements inside, and the loop was created automatically. But I cannot add anything inside it. And it is impossible to save the modifications.


Do you think for me that is good to rebuild the site from zero without using reusable blocks?


I know that the work on the issue is very hard and not simple, but there is any news for me?


Hello, I have asked my team leader for an update. As of Thursday he was enlisting the help of a developer to continue investigating the problem here. I was off Friday and did not receive any update, but my team leader will return Monday and I hope to have another update for you then.


Hi Christian,
I hope that the developer has got you some news for me!!!


Hi, nothing new to report just yet. I've asked my team leader for an update, and we are standing by for feedback from a developer. I'll give you another update tomorrow when my shift begins.


Hi Cristian,
sorry for this reply.
Well, if tomorrow I don't have any news about the issue, I will rebuild the site from zero.
I have been waiting for 12 days and I need to start this business urgently and also I have other works to do.


I understand your situation, and my team leader is monitoring the ticket here so he is aware of the delay. We received word from the developers that someone will be looking at this today, but I cannot guarantee we will have a solution today. I will check our internal ticket for updates before the end of my shift and give you any available updates then.


My shift is ending soon, so I have assigned this ticket to my team leader, Nigel. He is in contact with our developers regarding the block editor issue, and will update you when our developers have progress to report.


Thank you so much!
I have a question. If I want to migrate the Content Template and some View, is there a way to do that?
Module Manager 1.8.7 doesn't work...


Hi Christian,
I'm trying to rebuild the site from zero, but I have the same issue in content template and views where the dynamic content are not set into the CPT posts that I use to set the View item in the loop...



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Hi Francesco

Christian doesn't work Fridays.

Regarding module manager, it no longer works for templates or Views since we introduced Blocks. It is on our list to upgrade, but because of differences in how these are stored it's actually not a trivial update and will take some time.

Regarding starting the new site, I don't quite understand what you are saying there. Can you clarify specifically what the problem is?

You are making a template, and adding a View to it, and...?

The developer who is looking into the copy of the site we have wanted to know why all of your content templates are unassigned. It seems like you add Views to unassigned templates, rather than adding Views to pages, is that right? Why is that?