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[Resolved] Exact location overlapping marquer

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Last updated by marc-andre 4 years, 8 months ago.

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I DO NOT TALK about cluster here. Overlapping marker (exact location) are just a pain, and THIS should be fix. some solution exist as spiderfier, but just offsetting them code should do the trick...

Here is links to offset the marker without any other kind of addon. please review and tell me where i should "put" it for it to work on my site, white it waiting ti be implement into the core feature of toolset

link :

or this :

this :

and finally :

i pretty much done the job for you... now it's just a matter of copy/pasting code at the right place


The javascript should be applied to the JS Section of the loop editor.

Currently we are working on a better resolution of a similar problem that we can also use to perhaps improve this case.

For now, the application of Custom JS is suggested as there is no inbuilt solution for this specific case. (other then of course saving the single Post with a single difference in the exact lat/long)

I will discuss this with the developers to see if we can apply a exception - but keep in mind that the logic feedback on this, by other users, will be "I want to customize the distance of when the exception should be applied or not".

Although I perfectly understand that in your current example the map becomes unusable, and I will update you here as soon as poosible with news.


I am delighted to see that there are real discussion and brainstorm about this real problem. since i got this request from 2 client, i will need a working solution in the next week/month. Please keep me informed of the implementation timeline, and as usual, i am open to beta test it for you in the real world site. thanks


Yes, the development is in progress and the planned release for those adjustments is for Maps 1.3

Certainly, we can not cover all options, like when you have a cluster and the maximum available zoom for the spot is lower than the minimum zoom level that opens the cluster, but we will be able to solve most of the cases with a plugin called Spiderfier.

The basic idea is that when several markers are too close, even on the same spot, clicking on them will first separate them, so you can target individuals.
Also, when you click on a cluster and you get close enough as to open it (we will calculate the max zoom supported by the marker and try to zoom that much), individual markers should be visible.

The only thing pending there is that suggestion you make about separating some degrees, pixels or whatever several markers on the very same spot.

We can not just set a fixed offset since then you would only see two out of, say, three or ten, but this is doable and we should get to complete this during this dev cycle (wich means it should be included in Maps 1.3)

I will keep you posted here.


You know what can make me happy ? a ballpark date to tell my client. like jan-2017 or something like that


When exactly our developers will release a Update including the required Fix is not up-to us Supporters to determine.

Each issue reported in, whether a bug or a new feature request, is taken seriously into consideration.

It is given a high or low priority based on a number of factors.
Factors which those with the overview of all things related are in the best position to determine.

I understand that you need to know a time frame, and it is planned to be included in our next release, but I can not promise that.

I also do not know when this release is about to be pulbished.

I will update you here once it is public.


I totally understand, and i willing to speedup thing with and offer to beta test it before launch. Otherwise i have nothing else to do that wait, and told bullshit to customer while waiting !


I reopen this and set it to "Fixed in next release" as it's planned for Maps 1.4

I will keep you updated.


I see this was delayed from 1.3, where it was originally expected. Do we know for certain whether we can expect it in 1.4? Also, do we know if 1.4 has a scheduled release date yet?


What a nice news, will test it as soon as it available ! thanks


This is solved in the stable release.


Version 1.4 look like it have it all to make me happy, cannot wait to test it out !