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[Resolved] Email notification on Post Form status change

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Last updated by thomasB-12 6 months, 2 weeks ago.

Assigned support staff: Luo Yang.


I am trying to: Send an email notification with the form's field content when the forms status changes to Processing.

Link to a page where the issue can be seen: hidden link

I expected to see: I expect to see an email notification containing the content from the form titled "Add Rental Applicant".

Instead, I got: And email with the field labels, but the content was missing.


Luo Yang

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I can login your website.

In the problem URL you mentioned above:
hidden link
After submit that form, I get an email with content correctly.

I can see only a user form "Register"(ID 385), where and how can I see the problem you mentioned above:
And email with the field labels, but the content was missing.

Please provide detail steps to duplicate the same problem, thanks


And thank you for helping me troubleshoot this issue.
Here are the steps to duplicate the issue.
1) Go to this URL: hidden link
It is a staging site, so you will have to enter the provided credentials to access the site. These credentials are the same as the admin credentials I provided.
2) Next, scroll to the bottom of the website. Click on the “My Account” link located in the footer.
3) Next, login using these credentials: UN: tsrenter PW: B1*xOD1Puh8%%)pd8cupMWAB
4) Now you will see the rental application form. Please fill out the required fields and click submit.
You will now see the payment form. Use these test credentials to pay:
First name: John
Last name: Doe
Email ID:
System Generated Password: T}*xd/6o
5) You will be taken to the Paypal Login screen. Enter these credentials to login:
Password: T}*xd/6o
6) Select the bank card option and click on “Pay Now”.
Here’s what should happen from this point on.
The Rental Application form is submitted with the status of “Pending”
There is an email notification set on the form. The email notification is triggered when the status of the form is set to “Processing payment”.
Once the form is set to “Processing payment”, it should send an email to the designated email address containing information from all of the fields.
The trigger is working, as it does send the notification email. However, it sends the notification email without the information. In other words I receive a blank template.
Another thing that I noticed is that, if I go to woocommerce->orders, and set the order to “Processing Payment” manually, it will again trigger the notification email, but this time it will include the information from the form.


Luo Yang

Languages: English (English ) Chinese (Simplified) (简体中文 )

Timezone: Asia/Hong_Kong (GMT+08:00)

Thanks for the details, I assume we are talking about the post form "Add Rental Applicant":
hidden link

It is sending the email when Woocommerce order status changes to "Processing".

I have tried the same settings in my localhost, with a fresh WP installation + the latest version of Toolset plugins, it works fine, I can see the custom fields in email content.

So the problem you mentioned above is abnormal, please check these:
1) In case it is a compatibility problem, please deactivate all other plugins, and switch to wordpress default theme 2020, deactivate all custom PHP/JS code snippets, and test again

2) Also check if there is any PHP/JS error in your website:

3) If the problem still persists, please provide database dump file(ZIP file) of your website, you can put the package files in your own google drive disk, share the link only, also point out the problem page URL and view URL, I need to test and debug it in my localhost, thanks