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[Resolved] Dynamic CSS & JS not working on Avada theme when Toolset Views is active.

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I am trying to:
In the Avada theme there is an option under theme options advance that allows css and javascript to be dynamically created instead of in-line when selecting "CSS Compiling method"
Selecting "File" mode to compile the dynamic CSS to files in uploads/fusion-styles folder.

This works only when Toolset Views is deactivated.

I expected to see: All in-line CSS and in-line Javascript script and rules to be dynamically created within their respected folders.

Instead, I got: no folders created, so the CSS and javascript stain in-line.



There isn't similar report, in case it is a compatibility problem of other plugins, please try this:
1) deactivate other plugins and switch to original Avada theme, and test again
2) If the problem still persists, please provide a copy of your website, also point out the problem page URL, where and How can I see the problem you mentioned above:
This works only when Toolset Views is deactivated


Thanks for the details, I am downloading the files, will feedback if there is anything found


Thanks for the details, The Views plugin disabled the Avada CSS Compiling method "file" mode on purpose:
See source code of Views plugin, file plugins\wp-views\vendor\toolset\toolset-theme-settings\compatibility-modules\themes\wpddl.layouts-avada-theme.class.php, line 9~15:

	 * Force Avada css mode to inline instead of file, this solves the problem with caching
    public function set_inline_css_mode(){
    	if( !defined('FUSION_DISABLE_COMPILERS') ){
		    define('FUSION_DISABLE_COMPILERS', true);

So it is not recommended to use Avada CSS Compiling method "file" mode with View plugin, it will conduct some unexpected results.


What problems with caching are created with this option? Is there a fix other than disabling this option?


I have checked it in our to-do list, there is some compatibility problem between Avada CSS Compiling method "file" mode with Layouts plugin:
Avada theme options are not being read on the saved layout for pages/posts.

Since you are not using the Layouts plugin, if you insist on using "file" mode, you can add below line in your theme/functions.php


And test again.


I can confirm the issue: running latest Avada theme and all Toolset plugins - with them activated I observe that following folders disappear from file system:
wp-content/uploads/fusion-styles (compiled CSS files)
wp-content/uploads/fusion-scripts (compiled JS files)

And also in Theme options (Avada > Theme Options > Advanced > Dynamic CSS & JS) I can see warning:
IMPORTANT NOTE: JS Compiler is disabled. File does not exist or access is restricted.

Now with plugins:
Toolset Views
Toolset WooCommerce Views
Toolset Layouts
deactivated Avada's CSS compilier works as expected.

Turning plugins back on again deletes mentioned folders from wp-content/uploads and compiliers stop working again.


@gytis, Thanks for sharing the workaround.


Well I can't say it's a workaround - I keep using both Views and Layouts plugins on my site therefore can't use Avada's CSS file generation... This somehow needs to be solved from Toolset plugins side.


I just want to chime in here with @gytis. I am also working with Avada and Toolset and am finding that site performance seems to be taking a hit because the "JS Compiler is disabled". Any chance there is an ETA on when this will be resolved?




Any updates regarding this issue?


Is following setting anyhow related?

Avada Fusion Compilers Options

Enable/disable Fusion Compilers to enhance front-end rendering performance. For Avada Settings edited with Toolset to take effect, Fusion Compilers must be disabled.

Enable Fusion Compilers


I can confirm that having following setting in Avada:
Avada > Theme options > Advanced
CSS Compiling method: File
..and Toolset setting:
Toolset > Settings
(General) Enable Fusion Compilers
..solves the issue - CSS files are now generated and can be seen in source by element ID fusion-dynamic-css-css.

Thanks! 🙂

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