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[Closed] Displaying Post-Type parent field on child Post-Type View

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I am trying to display information from a parent as part of a Table list of children. Let me explain...

I have Events that are instances of Offerings that may also have Webcasts. So I have configured both Offerings and Webcasts as parents of Events. Offerings is the distinct list of things with Events being a list of instances of those Offerings and Webcasts represents recordings of Events.

Offering Webcast[optional]
\ /
\ /
\ /
\ /
\ /

I want to display a list (table) of Events, but I also want to include some data from either Offering or/and Webcast... for example:

Columns for display:


I am not sure how to output this. I think I need a View for the sub items, for example "Offering.TypeImage", but how do I tell it to load data from another Post-Type?



There is an 'id' parameter for the field shortcode passing with the name of the parent post type.

Check this out:



That is exactly what I am looking for.

Is there some way to have this added to the UI (feature request):

As a View Creator I want to be able to easily select fields from parents a children so that I do not need to know the shortcodes

GIVEN The type that I am viewing has a parent
WHEN I select "Add Field"
THEN I can click to insert fields from the parent
AND the shortcode is automatically inserted


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