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[Resolved] Database structure fir performing arts competition

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Last updated by Minesh 3 years, 1 month ago.

Assisted by: Minesh.


we are building a registration app for a talent competition. The basic structure we have now that is working is as follow.

There is a user that will register as a parent or teacher. This will be a full user and they will get login results. The parent/ teacher will then register a student without any login or user privilege. Once the student has been registered the parent/ Teacher (PT) will then link items to the student that they will be entering into the competition. Up to this point, it is a clean-cut and easy. However life is never like that.
Let's look at the structure of the items and this is where the fun starts. Each item will have a taxonomy. There are about 10 Taxonomies. Then there are If we can call it tiers in the items. Let's look at a specific taxonomy.

English is the first taxonomy, there is eg item "improvisation", with three sub-tiers "solo" "duo" and "group". So now we have one item: which is in fact three Items.
English improvisation - solo (only one student)
English improvisation -duet (two students) and both must be linked to this item as a duo
English improvisation -group (many students) but not linked to the students

Obviously here can be one , two or no student linked as in the case of a group.
M problem with the structure is the lack of consistency. I am total at a loss for where to go to from here


I am building an app for a talent competition. The breakdown is as follow:

A teacher/parent (PT) will register on the system and be given a user name and login with a specific user level.
All the Items will be preloaded and the PT must not be able to change or delete it. This will be controlled with login credentials.

The items for the competitions will be set out as follow.:
Category - This will be taxonomy ( about 10 to 20 items)
Next will be the genre field
The next field to be variants
Finally will be the field that would show how many participants are entered specific events

here are two samples of items very close to each other
Category Genre Variants How many
Vokaal/Vocals Blues Bactrack Solo (1)
Vokaal/Vocals Blues Bactrack Duet (2)
Vokaal/Vocals Blues Accompanied Solo
Vokaal/Vocals Blues Accompanied Duet
Vokaal/Vocals Blues Acapella Solo
Vokaal/Vocals Blues Acapella Duet

Category Genre Variants How many
Instrumentaal/Instrumental Broadway Drums Solo
Instrumentaal/Instrumental Broadway Drums Duet
Instrumentaal/Instrumental Broadway Flute Solo
Instrumentaal/Instrumental Broadway Flute Duet
Instrumentaal/Instrumental Broadway Guitar Solo
Instrumentaal/Instrumental Broadway Guitar Duet
Instrumentaal/Instrumental Broadway Keyboard Solo
Instrumentaal/Instrumental Broadway Keyboard Duet
Instrumentaal/Instrumental Broadway Piano Solo
Instrumentaal/Instrumental Broadway Piano Duet
Instrumentaal/Instrumental Broadway Ukelele Solo
Instrumentaal/Instrumental Broadway Ukelele Duet
Instrumentaal/Instrumental Broadway Violin Solo
Instrumentaal/Instrumental Broadway Violin Duet

My idea is to create a filter that when the PT selects "vocals" the rest of the fields: genre field filter to only blues, who in turn would select say backtrack that would only leave the how many students/participants are enrolled.
Vokaal/Vocals Blues Accompanied Solo and then this would be the item the PT would register for.

The problem is there are probably going to be 750 - 800 events to pick from so filtering is a serious must.

The next challenge would be where there more than one participant. The body count can be anything between 1 and 10. Each participant must be enrolled in that specific event. that is 5 participants are created by the PT and linked to the excact3.

Then where we have a category of choir no participants will be created (bar one) but only a body count will be provided. The choir will however still be connected to a school, studio, or private. It is only the eldest participant that will be linked with a choir.



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

To understand such broad concept based on such description is really hard. However, lets pin point the main issues.

You said:
The problem is there are probably going to be 750 - 800 events to pick from so filtering is a serious must.
750 - 800 events are lots of events. Even if you exclude Toolset, with only WordPress as well, its lots of options. with that many options indeed its issue. I would like to know, How you are configuring the events and where you want to attach the event.

With Toolset, you can have post-relationship so you can relate the different post type posts. You said you have a User, how you are linking user with post type?

Also, I would like to inform you that there is NO dependent filters available. Like Country -> State -> City, so that if you select specific country, it should display associated States in next dropdown and once you select specific State, it should display associated Cities in next dropdown based on selected state.

I strongly suggest that you should check the reference sites we offer on that is our free test platform as well where you can create test site and play with it to know more about Toolset.


Hi Minesh,

We thank you for your reply. We are currently investigating a different opton. Would prefer if we could keep this ticket open for a day or two incase we need to get some advice. It will only be a day or two hen we will close



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Ok - no issues.

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