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[Resolved] Custom product page for WooCommerce?

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Last updated by thomasS-11 6 years, 10 months ago.

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I want to create my own layout for "products" in woocommerce.. when i say products i dont mean single-product but the product page (listing all products) and categories..

In WooCommerce Views i selected the layout i want to use for WooCommerce.

I found out that i cannot do this with Content Templates (Views) when selecting the template for both "Product categories" and "products" .. it still shows WooCommerce default loop.

The solution to this was creating "Wordpress Archive" with views, but it is very confusing why you have the above option then - what is it for?

My problem now is that it still show the default layout for the loop container, which pushes my sidebar below the loop.. i dont want that, i want to be able to customize the container for the loop as well.. how can i do that making Woocommerce know that this is my new default so it will not be a "Page" with a shortcode.. This affects all my WC loops (categories and product loop)..

And when i make the WordPress Archive, its not affecting the "On sale" category loop - it still uses the default loop.


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Wordpress archive of Views is for customize the archive page, see our document:
Customizing Archive Pages with WordPress Archives

The shop page of Woocommerce is an archive page, I suggest you try the latest version of Layout v1-b6
You should be able apply the layout to the archive page of post type "Product"


Thank you. I will try Layout.. Only thing about Layout i dont like is that i can't use Bootstrap completely without the different breakpoints with Layouts.. Layouts only allows to choose "normal" and "mobile" breakpoints (col-xs and col-sm) but i could use col-md and col-lg sometimes, thats why i stopped using Layouts..