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[Resolved] Custom field revisions

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

Problem: The client has post revisions set up on their site. Comparing revisions, only the title and body are shown, no custom fields.

Solution: WordPress doesn't support custom fields in post revisions, although there is a proposal to add it (with solution added in a plugin):

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Last updated by johnR-22 3 years, 3 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Nigel.


Im currently using Toolset to create a site that showcases motor vehicles and as part of my custom post types (vehicles) Im including additional information such as engine, transmission, suspension and so forth.

Contributors can edit vehicle listings and once they do, the post automatically goes to a status of “pending” until either discarded or approved by admin.

My problem is, on the revision page, I can only see changes made to the title and the main body content – nothing else.

So if they change the engine specs, I have no way of knowing whats been changed.

How can I achieve this?

Thank you.



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Hi John

If you are using post revisions to compare the before and after, well, WordPress doesn't support revisions of post meta, hence it is not something included with Toolset.

It is possible to get this to work, but you would be setting up such a system yourself.

There is a good description of what's required here: hidden link

If you know a little PHP it should be possible to implement something like this for your site.

If you don't then you would need to contact a developer to do it for you (we maintain a list of Toolset contractors that you can find in the sidebar, though this is not a Toolset issue as such).

Also, there is a plugin which aims to provide this functionality, though I don't believe it ever got accepted into core: hidden link

I haven't tested it but it might be all you need.


Thanks Nigel,
That's a real shame. I've just spent several hours trying to find a solution to this, and you've just confirmed my suspicion.

I may be able to have someone have a look at this for me, so Ill take that into consideration.

You can close this ticket mate.