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[Resolved] Custom Field Image Captions, Descriptions and Tags – how do I get them in a CRED

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Can you tell me if Toolset has figured out a way to add WP Media alt/title tags, captions and descriptions to images uploaded via repeating image custom fields?

Similar requests have been asked a few times in the past year:

I really like Types/CRED custom filed repeating images because they are:
a) easy to use
b) they can be reordered
c) site users only see the native browser file uploader (and do NOT see the WP Media uploader and all images in library)
d) when images are deleted from the frontend they are also deleted in the database

But it’s disappointing that Types/CRED custom field repeating images are
a) difficult to add image alt/title tags, captions and descriptions
b) called with URLs and not WP Media Library IDs. It makes displaying the single page images with image gallery plugins impossible without writing code




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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

There is no feature added yet to CRED to support image field with caption/description etc..etc..

I'll pass this ticket to concern support person who is handling the CRED feature requests and he will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


Thanks for the feedback, there isn't such a built-in feature within CRED plugin, if you agree, we can take it as a feature request, but it is possible within Types plugin when you upload files to the multiple instance custom field.

Since Types is using WordPress built-in media upload window, so it is possible to setup the image caption, descriptions and tags when you upload an image, see screenshot: upload.JPG


Hi Luo,

The feature I'm requesting has been requested many times by others in the forum. A few examples are included below. The last comment in these threads suggest that this is currently being addressed by your developers, so I was checking in on the status. Yes, please add my message to this continued feature request. This is necessary for SEO and is expected when working with images.

Regarding your suggestion to use the WP built-in media upload with multiple instance custom field: Where/how do I add this uploader so my site users can upload and edit images w/captions themselves on the fronted? It's also critical that users only see their images for this field in the current post, and not all media in the WP media library.



I checked it in our to-do list, but did not find the related item, so I am not sure the which status it is in, I need to change the Topic type into "Requests", and forward this to our CRED developers to evaluate, but I am not sure when will it be implemented into CRED plugin.

In your post:
You mentioned Types plugin, Types UI only works in wordpress admin side, and it is possible within wordpress admin side as I mentioned above.

in your case, it need to be done in the wordpress front-end, that is not possible within CRED plugin yet, I suggest you subscribe to our blog to get the update news:


Thank you, Lou.

Will you please pass this request on to your CRED developers and ask if this is something they're working on?



As you request, I have marked this thread as a feature request, and pass it to our developers to evaluate, but there isn't any ETA for it, you can subscribe to our blog to get the updated news.

This ticket is now closed. If you're a Toolset client and need related help, please open a new support ticket.