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[Resolved] Custom Date Fields & CRED Expiry Field

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

Problem: Even though the post expiration timestamp in the database is identical to a custom field timestamp in the database, they are displayed on the front-end as different times.

Solution: Custom fields are assumed to be entered as GMT, and will be displayed as GMT. Post expiration is assumed to be entered as local time, and will be displayed as local time. Unfortunately there is no simple workaround right now.

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The timezone for my site is set to London. I don't wish to change this because date/time information in wp-admin needs to be actual timezone (I don't want to have to remember to deduct an hour during summertime). I have a Types custom date field to record/display the date in date/time format. The CRED expiry field also displays in date/time format. Why is it that even when the timestamp in both these fields in the database are the same, the CRED field displays the time as an hour later? This doesn't make any sense.


Hi, yes I agree it's quite confusing. The simple explanation is when a post is saved, the custom field is assumed to be saved as GMT and will be displayed as GMT, while the expiration is assumed to be saved in WP local time and will be displayed as WP local time. The display here reflects that discrepancy, and unfortunately there's not a simple workaround right now.


Is it Toolset's intention to address it at some point though?


Yes I think the expiration and notification date systems need an overhaul in general, so if you'd like to see that happen sooner than later I suggest letting our management know by filing a request here:


Thank you - I'll do that!