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[Resolved] Cred Form to select author

This support ticket is created 7 years, 11 months ago. There's a good chance that you are reading advice that it now obsolete.

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Last updated by Dat Hoang 7 years, 11 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Dat Hoang.


I am trying to: add a cred form field to select author. if one user in creating the post can it be created as another author?

For example:

[cred_field field="_wpcf_belongs_author_id" value="" order="title" ordering="desc" required="true" select_text="--- Select Author ---" validate_text="Author must be selected"]

is this possible?


Please note that "author" here is a custom post type. And I see your shortcode , there is no problem at all.

However, I think you may misunderstand between the custom post type "author" and the users of WordPress site.

If possible, tell us more about your case and take some screenshots.


Thank you for the reply...

I want a user to have the ability to assign a post to another user.... making that selected user the author of the post.


You will need to use a CRED generic field wich will be filled for a View with authors. After you will need to use some CRED hook – – in this case cred_save_data.

1) Create a View (named "View Name") to list all authors, the Layout HTML section should be:

        <wpv-loop>[wpv-item index=1]{"value":"[wpv-user field="ID"]","label":"[wpv-user field="nickname"]"}[wpv-item index=other],{"value":"[wpv-user field="ID"]","label":"[wpv-user field="nickname"]"}</wpv-loop>

2) Now you need to insert a CRED generic field which will get this View value. See the code below:

[cred_generic_field field="my_author_select" type="select" class="" urlparam=""]
"options":[ [wpv-view  name="View Name"] ]

3) Insert the following code into the theme file functions.php. Make sure you set the correct ID of your form. My example is 12.

add_action( 'cred_save_data', 'my_save_data_action', 10, 2 );
function my_save_data_action($post_id, $form_data) {
	// if a specific form
	if ( $form_data[ 'id' ] == 12 ) { //Make sure you set the correct ID of your form
		$my_post = array(
			'ID'           => $post_id,
			'post_author' => $_POST['my_author_select']
		// Update the post author ID into the database
		wp_update_post( $my_post );

If you follow the steps above it should works. The process includes:
+ A View to query all authors
+ A CRED generic field to get this View result
+ A hook to store the selected author in the database.


I did as instructed... this is the error I get:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare my_save_data_action() (previously declared

Not sure what to do now?


That means you are using the name my_save_data_action() for one of your existing functions. You need to change the name a bit. I've just added "_8433" (a random number) to make sure there is no duplicate.

add_action( 'cred_save_data', 'my_save_data_action_8433', 10, 2 );
function my_save_data_action_8433($post_id, $form_data) {
    // if a specific form
    if ( $form_data[ 'id' ] == 12 ) { //Make sure you set the correct ID of your form
        $my_post = array(
            'ID'           => $post_id,
            'post_author' => $_POST['my_author_select']
        // Update the post author ID into the database
        wp_update_post( $my_post );

Thank you the error is no longer an issue, however the generic form is not showing up? Not sure why is there any settings in the View I need to ensure is in place?


You need to replace the shortcode generic cred field for the cred_field shorcode like this:

		[cred_field field="post_content" post="employee" value="" urlparam=""]

Does that help?