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[Resolved] CRED: Featured Image

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Last updated by Sammut 7 years, 10 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Nikos.



I have a custom post type that uses the featured image. How do I go about adding a form field image upload to populate the wordpress featured image?



Any thoughts on this?


Hello Sammut,'

CRED Insert Post Fields>Extra Fields>Featured Image is the menu path to follow.

Also when scaffolding and post type supports featured image, teh field will be added automatically


When inserting fields I see "insert form fields" and "insert generic fields". I do not see "featured image" in either.

Under "generic fields" I see image. and under "form fields" I do see the header for Extra Fields, but under that is only reCaptcha and not featured image. I cannot seem to locate featured image.


Hello Sammut,

make sure the post type supports featured images.

If not, maybe you should go to Types admin and enable featured image for this post type.


Hi Sammut,

is this issue resolved?

If so, please close it.


Sorry for the delay. No matter what I do i do not see the option for CRED to use a featured image.


Hi Sammut do you have the latest CRED version?

If not please update.

Also if you upated Types plugin lately, it would be good to re-save your settings
as there might be some changes in configuration.

Report if having further issues


Darn, i di not have latest version. I did not see an update in wp-admin so I did not visit the site. I can see it now.


Hi Sammut,

use the installer plugin (download and install)

it will take care of all updates (and more automatically for you)
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