[Resolved] Creating sibling relationship within custom post types

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Tell us what you are trying to do?
Create a sibling relationship between two posts within the same custom post type. This will allow me to show a "complementary" post to a site visitor when he or she is viewing another post. For example, if a user is reading a news post, I want to be able to suggest other similar news posts. Or if a user is viewing an education degree page, I want to suggest other complementary degrees to the user.

I would need to be able to setup a sibling relationship option within the Edit window of the custom post type. There would be a field in the post type edit window that would allow me to choose one or more post within the same post type to establish a sibling relationship. I would then add the sibling relationships to my content template which would populate complementary options when the post loads.

The sibling relationship would work well, because once established then the two custom posts would be linked and on either post page a link would be provided to view the other post page.

I'm sure you've gotten requests for this, but I couldn't find documentation on it or a good support post to address this issue from the Edit window in a custom post.

My site is: falk.syr.edu


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Dear Suzanne,

In your case, it needs to setup many-to-many relationship between posts of same post type, it is a built-in feature of next version of Types plugin 2.3, see our blog post:

Our developers are still working on it, but there is a beta version you can test:
You can get this beta from your Toolset account. Click on Downloads, switch the channel to Beta and download Types 2.3 beta.

This is barely a beta version. It’s only intended for testing purposes and definitely not for any production or development site. Types 2.3 beta doesn’t even work with other Toolset plugins (yet).


Hi Lou,
Thanks for the quick response on this. I am looking forward to the new Types plugin to come out. It has a lot of valuable features. I will "hardcode" what I need for now until this comes out.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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