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Problem: Let users access the site from the front-end (register/login forms) and add/edit items of a Custom Post Type from the front-end.

Solution: Now you can create both user register forms (CRED User Forms) and login forms (Views -> Login Form shortcode). Your posts can be added/edited from the front-end using CRED Post Forms. Toolset Access allows you to control who can access these forms.

Relevant Documentation: How to build a membership site using Toolset

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I am trying to have a front end application using CRED and ACCESS for my membership site. There are some fundamental concept that i need to understand:

1. Is it possible to create/have login form on the front-end ? i don't want people access the site from /wp-admin.

2. is it possible to move the UI in types to front-end ? or should i create one ? my CustomPostType has repeatable fields (parent-child)




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Please consider followings regarding your questions:

1) CRED offers creating register forms and update user profile forms, but does not offer a login form. However, you can use any 3rd party plugin for this purpose (i.e. https://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcode-factory/). Once users are logged in, you can offer them edit user form to update their profile, without going to WP Admin. Please see https://toolset.com/documentation/user-guides/cred-user-forms/ for more information.

2) You can render Types fields as created in the backend, by using CRED Create/Edit post forms. Please see https://toolset.com/documentation/user-guides/creating-cred-forms/ for more information. However, if you want to retrieve and display values of these fields, you can use Types Fields API. Please see https://toolset.com/documentation/functions/ for more information.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything related.