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[Resolved] convert repeatable field group to post type

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Last updated by beatR 2 years, 2 months ago.


We started out designing and entering data into a repeatable field group. But it now looks like a more flexible custom post type with many to many relationship would be more useful.

- is there a way to "break out" the repeatable field group and make it a custom post type?
- or is there a way to show the repeatable field group as a custom post type in the backend? of course, a rfg already is a custom post type.



i don't assume there's an easy one-button-solution for hacks like this 🙂 what i did now:

- listed all current content and parents of the rfg via a view
- create the new post type
- via SQL change all rfg post_type to the new custom post type
- create a new field group for the new custom post type
- change association of all fields in the rfg to the new field group
- delete the associations in wp_toolset_associations for the rfg (since i now use a many-to-many relationship, i dont think i could have just changed the relationship_id, since there is now an intermediary type)
- manually reconnected the posts using the list created in first step

it was just like 3 douzen posts, so easy to reconnect and i saved the time to re-enter the data.