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[Resolved] Content specific to each user

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Last updated by CraigS3893 7 months ago.

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I'm developing a site for a client who needs two access roles; Trainers and Students. Each individual student needs to see only the coursework assigned to them by their trainer, and to be able to upload coursework once complete. I know the Access plugin can limit access by role, but not sure if there's a "Toolset only" solution for displaying user-specific content, or if I'll need to use another plugin?



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The way to do this would be for the students to visit a "My coursework" page which contains a View to display coursework and a Query Filter to limit the coursework posts returned to theirs.

What that filter is depends on how the work is assigned. I'm guessing the same coursework post can be assigned to multiple students? So the simplest solution of making the student the post author of the coursework post wouldn't be available, so you will likely need to use a custom field to store the user IDs which the Query Filter can compare to the currently logged-in user.

Or you might want to make a relationship between the coursework posts and the students to manage the connections, and use a post relationship filter.

You may find the membership tutorial helpful:

Let me know if you get stuck on a particular part of the implementation.


Thanks Nigel. I'll give that a go. Useful to know that it's possible using only Toolset as I like to keep plugin use to a minimum. Will no doubt be back for help in a few weeks!