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[Resolved] Connecting a site with Toolset to social media

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Can I somehow connect my Website to Social Platforms like Facebook using Toolset?

Toolset does not provide any solution for this.
It will also not conflict with any 3rd party Plugin you will use to achieve your goal, but we do not provide any Social Sharing Solutions.

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I found a plethora of tutorials about how to connect MY wordpress website to MY social media, but I didn't find anything regarding how I can make my USERS connect MY wordpress website to THEIR social media.
The purpose would be that I create content for their social media channels, and this way I could automate the publication without using a third party app for it (because it's a pain in the a** to convince everyone to give me authorization for it...
And of course I want to do this on the front-end, because I don't let my users into the WP admin area.

I'm sure that it can be done somehow, but how? Does any of you guys know of a tutorial about this?



Toolset doesn't provide a solution to connect Social Media to your WebSite.

You will need to consult each's Social Media API and see if you can implement a Custom Coded Solution to this.

I apologise that I can not help with this, as it's above the scope of Toolset and it's Technical Support.

If you want a user to Post to his/her Social Media through your Site, you can not go around the permission issue, as every Social Media's account is private and managed by its owner.

You would need to use his/her API key, something that is not possible and not allowed (unless the user allows you to)

Toolset does not provide a solution to this.



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