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[Resolved] Conflict with Yoast SEO plugin

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Last updated by Nigel 5 years, 6 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Nigel.


I am trying to edit content on a page in my admin area in Chrome. When I try to scroll the page it is slow and unresponsive and my laptop fan starts working. When I try the same page in Safari it is fine.

Disabling and adding all plugins shows it is only happening when I have the following activated:
Toolset Access
WPML Multilingual CMS
WPML String Translation
Yoast SEO

All of these are essential for the site. If I deactivate Toolset Access OR Yoast SEO then the page is fine in Chrome and Safari.

The only option I can see is to find an alternative for Toolset Access plugin but I'm hoping you can help so I don't have to do that.




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Hi Tom

I replicated your plugin set-up on a test site but was unable to reproduce the problem, there were no observable performance issues using Chrome vs. Safari while editing a page.

I suspect I would also need to have similar content, custom fields, translations etc. to observe the problem.

Can I get a duplicate of your site to install locally so that I can test your exact same set-up?

I'll mark your next reply as private so that you can share a link to the archives with me.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 13.24.58.png

Hi Nigel,

Some further info: By disabling all plugins except Access and activating them one by one I can see the issue occurs when I have ACF, WPML Multilingual CMS, Toolset Access and Yoast SEO active.

If I open the page in the admin that is having issues in Chrome and I have the Javascript console open and set to 'Verbose' I can see a number of [Violation] notices appear (see attached).

Looks like it's something to do with tinymce perhaps?



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Hi Tom

Thanks for the additional info. I'll try again on my local test site with the same setup to see if I can reproduce the console messages you've reported.

If not I'll need to come back to you to ask for site access, but let me try this on my test site first.



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Hi Tom

I revisited my test site and viewed the console log with verbose setting.

I got similar results to you initially (see "with_access.png").

The results were not too different when I disabled access ("without_access.png"), and the biggest change came when removing Yoast ("without_access_wpml_yoast.png").

With no plugins active I still see some warnings relating to tinymce ("no_plugins.png").

I don't see anything in those messages that would affect anything other than the initial page load time.

When scrolling the page no new messages are added in the console.

As I'm unable to reproduce the problem locally will I take a look at your site and see if I experience the problem myself?

I will mark your next reply as private so that I can get log-in credentials from you—you may want to create a temporary admin user for me to use that you can later delete. And be sure to have a current backup of your site.

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