[Resolved] Conditional post fields not working in admin

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I am trying to create 4 post fields and hide #4 if #3 is empty, hide #3 if #2 is empty, and hide #2 if #1 is empty. All of this is for the back-end admin options only—not front-end.

I'm using the post fields conditional setting: "Custom Field" "> is greater than" "0" (see attached screenshot).

The value of the custom post field will be different URLs, so there is no exact value to compare. Is this the correct setting and value("0") to show/hide a field based on whether the field is empty or not?



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Hi, the best way to set up this conditional is to use the != (not identical to) operator, and leave the value empty:
[YouTube Video #1] [!=(not identical to)] [leave the last input blank]

See the attached screenshot for an example. Let me know if this does not resolve the issue for you, and I'll take another look.


Thanks, I ended up not needing the conditional after all, but thank you very much for the reply!

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