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[Resolved] Conditional display doesn't work on initial page load

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Last updated by svenF 8 years ago.

Assisted by: Beda.


I am trying to:
Conditionally display a form field

I visited this URL:
hidden link

I expected to see:
Initially hide the "Betrag" field.
If i choose any other option than the "Aktives Mitglied werden" from the "Ich möchte..." field, then
show the "Betrag" field.

Instead, I got:
The "Betrag" field is not being initially hidden and not being shown on change of the "Ich möchte..." select field.

When i send the form, it works as intended

This is the conditional code i used:

[cred_show_group if="($(optionen) ne 'am' )" mode='fade-slide']

<div class="cred-field cred-field-betrag">
<label class="cred-label">Betrag</label>
[cred_field field='betrag' post='mitglied' value='' urlparam='']




1. [cred_show_group if="($(optionen) ne 'am' )" mode='fade-slide']

You check against "am"
I do see that value in the select Field.

But I do see the second Field "Betrag" Wrapped in a CRED Conditional Group, is empty.

It seems a JS Conflict.

In fact, your console shows some errors, and it seems you customise the CRED Form with Custom JS/CSS

This can conflict with CRED Conditionals.

2. Does the issue also persist with a WordPress Default Theme and NO Plugins BUT the Toolset Plugins?

If not, could you then re-enable the Plugins one after the other, and check the issue each time you enable a plugin?
Please report me when the issue comes back
It might also be due to the Theme.
Please do reactivate your Theme only after you are sure the issue isn't coming form a 3rd Party Plugin.


Hi Beda,

thank you for your reply.

You gave me the hint i needed 🙂 . The issue was caused by the new jQuery version of WordPress, which sadly 🙂 does a better job in detecting erroneous code. Im my theme's js i missed escaping a hash sign in a not() pseudo selector. After escaping the hash sign everything is fine now.

Best regards,

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