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[Resolved] commercial tab not showing to register

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Last updated by Nigel 7 years, 6 months ago.

Assisted by: Nigel.


I am trying to: register toolset on another site

I visited this URL: hidden link

I expected to see: commercial toolset tab but it is not showing up i registered my second site and was give a key code but can't get to the commercial tab after i downloaded the types plugin.

Instead, I got:



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You need to install your plugins before you can register them using the code you obtained by adding your site at

If you have downloaded the zip files (it appears you have from your screenshot) then if you go to your add new plugins page, at the top you will see a button to Upload plugin. Once you have installed your plugins you will be able to see them in the commercial tab and register them there.

Once you have registered a Toolset plugin, from that same page you will then be able to manage downloading and updating all of the various Toolset plugin components (without having to download then upload the zip files)


Hi Nigel, I did install the types plugin by uploading it via the add plug in but when I go to the commercial tab the only thing that I see is Multilingual Blog, and Multilingual CMS Plugin and not Wp- Types.

Thanks for your help.



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If you go to your installed plugins page do you see Types?

You need to have at least one of the Toolset plugins activated before you will see them appear in the commercial tab or a register link when looking at your list of plugins.


Yes I attached a screenshot




Languages: English (English ) Spanish (Español )

Timezone: Europe/London (GMT+00:00)

That's odd, that's not how it should look.

I suspect there is a conflict with another plugin.

Could you verify by deactivating your other plugins and seeing the register link appears?

If you have an 'Installer' plugin that would be a good place to start.

Let me know and if that doesn't help I will escalate this to identify the problem.


I deactived all the plugins that didn't work . I even deleted and try to reinstall and nothing.

Are the Multilingual Blog, and Multilingual CMS Plugin related to wp-types because that is what is coming up in commercial after I installed types?



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Timezone: Europe/London (GMT+00:00)

They are related only inasmuch as the are also produced by OTGS.

But you don't have them installed, no? Which means that the Types registration is partly working (it will display the multilingual links) but is failing at some point.

I better take a copy of your site for testing that I can pass on to our devs if that's okay. I will mark your next reply as private so that you can provide me with WordPress and FTP credentials. You might want to create a temporary admin account that you can later delete. I will need to install a backup plugin and then will remove it when I'm done.



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Thanks for the update Daniel.

This is one of those things that shouldn't happen and is difficult to diagnose, but from the warning message you posted I can see that it is something that other users have been able to resolve by deleting all of the Toolset plugins you have on your site, removing your site from the list of sites on your Toolset account, downloading Types again from and installing the .zip file by uploading it on our Add New Plugins page, activating it and registering your site again on your account page.

Basically, pull the power chord out, count to ten and plug it back in again.

If that fails then if you give me site credentials I can investigate further. I'll mark your next message as private.


I tried that but it didn't work. I just ended up downloading it manually. Will I have any issues if I do it this way?



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It doesn't matter how the plugins are downloaded and activated, we have the section on the commercial plugins tab to handle updating and activating the full suite of Toolset plugins which is made for ease of use, though in your case not a lot of ease or use.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but if you are able to add and activate the plugins manually then please do so.

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