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[Resolved] Children of children?

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Last updated by David 6 years, 5 months ago.


I believe it's possible but I just wanted to confirm if the following is doable with Types: I have a Custom Post Type (Artist) with a child Custom Post Type (Artwork) and want to know if this child can have its own child Custom Post Type as well.

Basically, I need to have an Artist (parent), with their multiple pieces of Artwork (children), and each of those pieces of Artwork need to have their own children that keep track of things like title, dimensions, etc.

So, when I create a new Artist, I want to be able to add as many as 10 pieces of artwork (images) and as I add a new piece of artwork, I need to be able to add the additional information above.

Just wanted to make sure that it's possible to have a Parent => Children => Children. Thanks!


I'm an idiot. Turns out I didn't need to do what I explained above (although I did verify that you CAN have layers of children). I can simply have the Artist (Parent) with the Artwork (Children) with all the necessary data (Image, title, dimensions, etc.). I didn't need to break it into additional parts. My bad.