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[Closed] Cheatin uh when attempting to access Views menu with Access plugin activated

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Last updated by emerson 7 years, 8 months ago.

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I have two sites, development and production. Development tested OK with latest Types, Views, CRED, and Access. Production exhibits a problem.
On the production site, but not the development site, when I go to the Admin interface and click Views, I get the WordPress Error "Cheatin' uh?" However, if I disable the Access plugin, I can access the Views menu successfully. If I re-activate Access I get the error again.

Prior to the first time I experienced this issue, I had an unsuccessful login at the wp-login.php page. I then logged in successfully as Admin via Theme My Login, and was able to access all other elements of the Admin interface. I wonder if this problem is associated with some value being stored and not cleared, and that this is leading Access to believe that the currently logged in Admin user is not a logged in Admin user.

The issue may be totally unrelated to that set of login events, but that was the most recent and only thing I can think of that might have a bearing on this. It is quite puzzling in that the development site exhibits no such problem.

WP 3.5
Access 1.1.2
CRED 1.0.2
Theme My Login 6.2.3

Above are running on both development and production sites.

Please suggest how I can resolve this on my production site so as to have access to the Views menu and also leave the Access plugin activated.




Dear Brad,

Can you check that all the KEY and SALT constants are the same of both setups?



Hi Caridad,

The KEY and SALT values are the same on both production and development setups. Is that a problem?



Hi Brad,
Changing salt and keys will invalidate cookies so any user will need to logged-in again. You can change the salt and keys in the production site for security reasons. How did you migrate your site from the development to production server? Are you sure that all references made to localhost are changed?
You can read this recommended guide on migrating sites from local to production server:
If this still won't work, it is highly possible that this will be a bug relating to Access plugin. In this case, it is recommended to perform a debugging procedure by following the steps here:
You need to block public access to your site, so errors won't be revealed to them. Errors will be logged if you visit the views menu with Access plugin enabled. Then send it to us and we will examine it. Thank you.


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