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[Resolved] Cant relate types

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Last updated by Luo Yang 5 years, 6 months ago.

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I am trying to: relate 3 custom post types:

Investigadores (resaercher), Centros publicos (School) and Objetos (Objetc)

Each researcher belongs to only 1 School, any school could have many resarchers and any Objetc belongs to 1 school and 1 or more resarchers, I set researchers and schools as child of objects as I believe should be. But that isnt working the way it should be.

In Objects I would like to have a list of resarchers to pick 1 or more and just with that I should know the School which the object belong. It's ok to select the school apart I dont mind whenever the relations work to know all the Objects and researchers that belong to a school and the researchers that belong to an object

this is my site: hidden link if you need more info please let me know
Thank you very much
best regards


Luo Yang

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I suggest you try setup as below:
1) setup "schools" as parent post type of "researcher"
2) setup many to many relationship between "researcher" and "Object"
Then when you edit a "Object", you will be able to connect it to one or more "researcher"

More help:
Creating and Displaying Many-to-Many Post Relationships

To display the parent "schools" of a "researcher" post:
Displaying Fields of Parent Pages