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[Resolved] Cant register site for Views??

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Last updated by thomasS-11 6 years, 10 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Luo Yang.


I cant register my site in Views plugin..
When ever i click "register site" and go to my "Sites" in Wp-types, i click the key to return to my website, and i get this alert "Invalid key for this website".. eventhough i DID check the URL IS correct..

I have provided some debug info..


Luo Yang

Languages: English (English ) Chinese (Simplified) (简体中文 )

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First I would like to say that the only functionality you are missing are the notification of plugin updates.

You can still update manually and everything will work fine.

Can you add the following line to wp-config.php? Then try to update, you should a message with debug information. Please copy and paste it here:

define('WPML_DEBUG_INSTALLER', true);


Thanks for the update.

If it is only the notifications, it would be a big problem.. i just like to keep everything flowing correct, by having correct licenses etc on client websites - i hate error / warning messages, and so does the end clients, they want everything to work smooth..

I did define the debug installer, i then went to register the site again - the debug info popped up in 2 seconds then it disappeared again - but anyway it works now somehow..

Thanks for the help.