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[Resolved] Can I add a custom post type's list to a custom field group?

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I am trying to add a custom song field to the WP built-in post, so that we can attach a song from a previously filled database to every post (in an attempt to popularize our music through posts).

I can display a custom field group at the WP default post type, but I don't want to manually add the songs to every post, filling out the cover image, song title, album title, etc... Instead I want to be able to pick the song from a list when I write the post. But there is no option to add such list to a custom field group... or is there?

Please help me solve this, it would be really awesome if we could make it work without excess manual labor. Thanks.


Nevermind that.
It appears that the parent-child relationships work exactly the opposite way than I would intuitively feel it to be correct...