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[Resolved] Can a slider show 3 images "per page" but advance 1 image at time?

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Last updated by David 5 years, 2 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Shane.


I've created a slider that randomly selects 6 projects (images) to feature. I have the parameters set to show 3 items per page so it currently slides between two pages of 3 items. My client wants to know if I can keep 3 images shown at a time but have the next button advance only image at a time instead of in groups of 3. So, instead of:

|1, 2, 3| => |4, 5, 6|

it would go

|1, 2, 3| => |2, 3, 4| => |3, 4, 5| etc. each time the next button is clicked.

I've seen sliders like this online I just need to know if I can modify my Views slider to do the same. FWIW, I prefer the default functionality of advancing in groups but my client is asking. Thank you.



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Hi David,

Thank you for contacting our support forum.

Unfortunately this is not something that is possible and its completely reliant on how content delivery is done using views.

So its not able to paginate one at a time instead the entire section is removed and paginated with the new content.

Please let me know if this helps.


Thanks Shane, I appreciate the confirmation.