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[Closed] Calculating with field values

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Hi, I'd like to calculate percentage % of two values of my Types fields, that are numeric. I'd like the show the result in a View template.
It is a fundraising thing, and I want to calculate and print out to the page how much in % has been raised at the moment.

The fields are like:
[types field="current" format="FIELD_VALUE"]
[types field="goal" format="FIELD_VALUE"]

So I should do the calculation:
percentage = ((current/goal)*100)

Is it possible, and how can I do it?

Thanks a lot in advance, I love your plugins! 🙂


Dear Harriet,

This functionality is not included in Views, but you can easily create a shortcode that does. First add these lines to functions.php in your theme:

add_shortcode('wpv-calculate', 'calculate_shortcode');
function calculate_shortcode($atts) {
   return wpv_condition($atts);

Now you can use this shortcode like this:

[wpv-calculate evaluate=" [types field="current"][/types] / [types field="total"][/types] * 100 "]%

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with.


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