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Problem: how to create a membership site with Toolset and how to charge fees for user registration

Solution: Create profiles using CRED User Forms, create custom roles using the Toolset Access plugin, to charge fees, use the WooCommerce + Toolset CRED Commerce plugins.

Relevant Documentation: Charging payments with CRED to register users, How to create a membership site in WordPress using Toolset plugins

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I am trying to: Build a membership site using buddypress also

I visited this URL: hidden link

I expected to see:

Instead, I got: My current site uses Types and Views, and I'm now turning it into a membership site (free and various paid memberships) that also uses buddypress for the social component. I was going to use Paid Membership Pro for the membership part of it, but then did some research here on Toolset and found this blog post - https://toolset.com/2015/03/building-a-membership-site-with-wordpress-a-challenge-or-a-piece-of-cake-a-case-study/ - on your blog, and thought perhaps I could use Toolset plugins for the membership component instead. Before I spend too much time researching I wanted to hear your thoughts on being able to do this with Toolset, buddypress, and any other plugins I might need. Any advice you can offer would be huge. I absolutely love the support that Toolset offers so would much prefer to stick with as many Toolset plugins if possible. But also FYI... I'm not good with coding at all. Thanks so much for your help!




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Thank you for contacting us here in the Support Forum

First let me point to the title of the Post you mention:
"Building a membership site with WordPress – a challenge or a piece of cake?"

The summary of that post is, it's not a piece of cake but its possible, since CRED 1.4

CRED 1.4 supports User forms and with this you can let Users create and edit User Profiles from the front end, the missing piece to Membership sites.

A membership Plugin would in my opinion not be necessary if you are using CRED.

CRED Commerce currently does not support payment if a new User is created, but you can workaround it by using the current supported payment of form submission:

You will be able to customize the BuddyPress pages with Toolset (specifically, with Views).

Since these are hard-coded PHP templates, you will probably need to do a tiny edit in their PHP, to insert our Views. You can insert Views to PHP templates with a single line of code, as documented here:

Then, you continue the development in the WordPress admin, by editing that View.

Access will help you to hide content by User Roles, Specific users or Custom Access Groups.

I have recently built a site where the entire WebSite was only accessible if Users are logged in.

This required a single special PHP template (if user is not logged in), but it was only needed because I used a Static Homepage, and Access can not hide Static Home pages.

I could help with this specific PHP template and how to use it in your theme.

I achieved the goal of that Website with Toolset only, and some Custom PHP specially the mentioned "not logged in" template and some Custom CRED API codes, which you will most probably not need.

Please let me know if you need any further help with this.

Thank you for your patience.


Thanks, Beda! Let me brew on this and see if it's something I can handle. Appreciate your offer to help. I'll resolve this issue now, but if I pursue I'll reach back out to you through another ticket. Thanks again!



Hi Beda
I saw your response here https://toolset.com/forums/topic/building-a-membership-site-with-toolset-2/ and though I'd contact you directly with a few similar enquiries of my own.

Ultimately Im trying to build a site which revolves around a custom content type - Memorials which in effect acts like a buddypress group - ie an Administrator can apply create a memorial and apply whether it is public, private or hidden and allow moderators editing rights. All from the front end.

My logic is to amend the groups templates and display the Memorial content type on the group home page buddypress/groups/single/home.php.

My test memorial can be seen here hidden link (id=51)

Thinking this through my first objective is to display a view on the buddypress template, once done then I would further filter the view to only show the Memorial specific to the Group. However I fail at the first stage

I have a view "memorial-in-group" which is filtered as a shortcode to show post id (id=post_id). In principle I should be able to view my test memorial with the shortcode [wpv-view name="memorial-in-group" id="51"]

I have tried adding the following php to my home template and neither displays anything

$args = array(
'name' => 'memorial-in-group',
'id' => '51'
echo render_view( $args );

do_shortcode("[wpv-view name='memorial-in-group' id='51']");

Once I have this right, the next stage would be to display only the memorial that relates to the group - there would be a 1-2-1 relationship.
Again my assumption, would be to either have a cred form which automatically created a memorial and triggered the creation of a group with the same name and capturing the group_id field (which I saw when I made my first filter) or the other way round.

Then I would have a post id of a memorial which had the group id as a field and thus could filter to show a specific memorial and thus have a corresponding edit cred form.

I'm not sure how to approach point 2.

ANy help or adbice would be deeply appreciated