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[Resolved] Blocks 1.4 integration with Stackable Premium

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Last updated by alexanderS-9 1 year, 8 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Shane.


So, I am not certain if that is a bug or if I am missing something. I updated Toolset and some parts of the update work just fine but when I try to use dynamic content with Stackable Premium, image field or buttons for example, no option to enable dynamic sources shows.



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Hi Alexander,

Thank you for getting in touch when you say " image field or buttons for example" are you referring to the blocks in our Plugins, meaning they dont have the option for the dynamic sources ?

Please let me know, if you can also provide a screenshot that would be quite helpful as well.



I mean the new dynamic source option that came with the update from today. It is supposed to be available in Stackable blocks also, but for me, it is only in the default WP blocks.

The screenshot shows that the option is available in the core WP blocks, that's nice, but the video announcing the release even shows the dynamic fields option in Stackable blocks, yet I do not have it in my Stackable Premium, the latest version.



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Hi Alexander

This is Juan, leader for the Tolset development team. Thanks a lot for your feedback.

I have been checking and confirming the issue that you are reporting, and you are right: dynamic sources are not offered when using the pro version fo Stackable blocks. We initially added the support for the free version, let me share this with the right developer so w ecan address and solve. I think that we will not need to release a new verson for this to work: we update the reference to our supported blocks regulary and you can even trigger this update in the Dashboard -> Updates admin page of your site. So once we have this ready, I can ping you here and ask you to refresh and confirm that the feature is available now.

Also it is worth noting that this support is not available for all options on all blocks, but on a selection. If ou feel that we should be adding the integration in more places, please mention them here and I will make sure this gets to the right people in our team.

Hope this helps. Please stay tunned for a update from me.



Hi Juan,

Thanks for the update. I will wait for your confirmation and report back then once I can test it.



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Hi Alexander

I understand that this should be ready to go. You can confirm it by heading to your Dashboard -> Updates page in the admin side of your site, scroll to the section about themes and plugins compatibility with Dynamic Sources, and hit the Update button. That should get youn the laest version of the integration configuration, and you will start seeing Dynamic Sources in the Stackable Pro blocks.

Please let us know how this goes.



Hi Juan,

I tried the image and the button block for now. The image block works now as it is shown in your video also. Very nice! Stackable buttons block is not supported, I assume? No problem, shortcode works just fine there but as a future request, it would be nice to have it there also. Thanks again for the help, I appreciate it.