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[Resolved] Bad integration with plug "woocommerce product filter"

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I am trying to: i created a woocommerce shop archive table nicely, but you are not allowing filter sliders, so i am using "woocommerce product filter" as widget.

I visited this URL: hidden link

I expected to see: on the first view it's perfect.

Instead, I got: When i filter anything, the page returns to the "old" view of products, ignoring the template i created.


It seems Views gets knocked out by this Plugin.

Usually, it's the other way around, JS added by a 3rd party plugin gets lost on Search or pagination (especially when using AJAX)

For this, we added the Frontend JS Hooks, which you can see in the Parametric Search Filter Editor, section JS.

I am not sure if you could solve this by adding a Views Call back there.

Since you do not use Views Filters, can I ask how your View is built and how you insert the Search (Slider Filter), and how that plugin produces the results?

This will take a remarkable time to debug and fix if we can fix this on our end.
It seems rather to me that the Plugin you are using is forcing a template on Views.

I will need access to a Test Site purely built with Toolset and that 3rd Party Plugin.
Then we can analyse this.

I would need to request temporary access (WP-Admin and FTP) to your site
To be of better help and check if some configurations might need to be changed

Your next answer will be private which means only you and I have access to it.

❌ Please backup your database and website ❌

✙ I would, if possible, need access to a site where only a minimal set of Plugins and a default theme is active.
This to avoid eventual compatibility issues with other software.

✙ I would additionally need your permission to de- and re-activate Plugins and the Theme, and to change configurations on the site.
This is also a reason the backup is crucial

✙ Please add the Links to:

- The Views Edit Screen

- The Page/Post where you insert the View

- The corresponding Front End Page/Screen


Can you please enable the Toolbar on your Website?

The Toolbar is great to find (edit) the page you are viewing currently, as well the Views and other contents.

Furthermore, you use a considerable amount of Plugins.
Can you disable them, and use a WordPress native Theme, so we only debug issues between Toolset and your 3rd Party Plugin?

I also retconned another Permalink setting.
Any chance to change those to Post name?


done and done and done 🙂
you can do whatever you want there...


That is an archive that you use there.
Archives can not have parametric Searches at all currently.

Anyway, I don't see the filter anymore.

Even though the Plugin is active.

I am sorry if we misunderstood each other but it's of course, necessary to see the 3rd party Plugin filter, and that can not be on a Views Archive, as those don't permit Parametric Search.
That's not a Toolset Restriction, it's a WordPress Query restriction.

I do not know how that plugin modifies the Query of WordPress.
Can you elaborate on this?
Views is just a wrapper for the WordPress Query, we do not add any custom Tables or alike, we basically just provide a GUI-Wrapper for the WordPress Query that usually would need to be coded manually.

Does that Plugin you use have a GUI as well?
Or does it use ShortCodes only, or code only?

Thank you


I tried with a different plugin and it sort of worked, but the plug doesn't do exactly what I need, so i'll try yet another one and update. thanks!


tried - nothing. i thought maybe it's because it's an archive, and added a view to a normal page:

hidden link

still, no.


1. When i filter anything, the page returns to the "old" view of products, ignoring the template i created.

I do not see this issue anymore on linked page. It seems the styling persist now?

2. Please can you show me how you implement this search, as it does, as far I see, not work (all results are still the same no matter what I filter for)

3. Can yu elaborate how Views can help to improve this since this is not using Toolset features?
I do not see a single usage of Toolset filters on that View.

Kepp in mind that Toolset comes with its own filter sets, and of course, we help solve an issue when Views is breaking another plugin or loosing it's data (as in the #1 described) - but Toolset provides its own search parameters, wich is not used at all here.

Can you let me know how that plugin is actually producing results and filtering them, and how you expect Views to display this data if no such query is ever passed to Views?


Update: resolved by turning of ajax at the filter end!

But now a new question: is it possible to add to the table a comparison between products option? I saw it's possible on views, but is it on woprdpress archive table?





I have issues as well, and it is when ajax is enabled. I believe several default "woocommerce product filter" (WCP) plugin ajax classes need to be overwritten with Views but I do not know what classes to use. The WCP plugin has an option for overides and it asks for the following:

Override AJAX Wrapper Class:
Override AJAX Category Class:
Override AJAX Product Class:
Override AJAX Pagination Class:
Override AJAX Result Count Class:
Override AJAX Order By Class:

There is also an option for :

"AJAX jQuery and JS Refresh"
Input jQuery or JS code to execute after AJAX calls. This option is useful if the JS is broken after these calls.


I have this issue as well... It works great on the initial load but as soon as a filter applies i loose my beautiful toolset view. Cant find where to correct this and recall my view.
hidden link /products
views works on the product subcategory pages but not on the filter products returned.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!