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[Resolved] Automatically transferring authorship of posts on submitting CRED form

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Tell us what you are trying to do?

We operate a company directory. We create profiles for companies and let a member of the company claim ownership of the profile, assigning them as author and giving ability to edit their company's profile.

We currently use woocommerce attached to Forms to enable companies in our directory to claim their company profile. The way it works now is a user who is authorised by the company completes an form to claim ownership that edits the company profile post and sets its status as Pending... the form has a payment associated with it ((for which our charge is $0) when the user completes the transaction on Woocommerce the authorship of the company-profile post is automatically assigned to the user completing the form. The company profile post in question would be reviewed by us before being republished with the new author.

That used to work well for us as we were planning to roll out a freemium model where companies would have the option of paying for premium services. We are no longer looking at doing that and are looking for an easy alternative to Woocommerce to automate the transfer of authorship to a person claiming a profile.

What we want to achieve is basically removing the transaction component. so that the form is completed and when the form is submitted authorship is transferred, the post goes to Pending, we get a notification (I know how to do this) and we must approve and republish the profile.

Is there an easy way of achieving this?





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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

Basically, you should use the Toolset forms.

You should create a Toolset post form and set the default post status to pending.

And you can use the Toolset form's hook "cred_save_data" to update the post author:

Please check the following related ticket that shows how you can update the post-author using "cred_save_data" hook.

Please let me know if you have any further queries.


Thanks so much.. that addresses my question.