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[Resolved] Are the following requirements possible with Toolset?

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Last updated by Minesh 3 years, 4 months ago.

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a client wants to achieve some difficult things and I wanted to know, if it is possible to achieve the following with Toolset?

1.) Another developer already begun the Website with Elementor and other tools: hidden link
2.) A customer can write an inquiry at: hier hidden link
3.) The inquiry is devided into products (the top part of the inquiry form) and Services (the bttom part of the inquiry form)
4.) After a potential customer wrote his inquiry a supplier should be able to see the inquiry, if he is logged in under the menu point "myWaldihaus".
5.) The supplier should see (if he is logged in) two parts: One part are the services which a potential customer filled out in the form and/or the product he filled out in the inquiry form -> so two parts -> services and products
6.) The supplier should only see the customers data, if he is a premium member (has a premium membership).
7.) The supplier should also be able to edit his own services and products and his own personal data
8.) For products the supplier should be able to upload product images which should have a certain size (for example 1000px x 800px). If the image exceeds the size, there should be a warning
9.) The Admin of the Website shpuld be able to check, edit and delete/change memberships
10.) After Admin gave permission for the services and products they should be visible in the corressponding section/categories on the website under "Häuser" , "Dienstleistungen" and "Ausstattung"
11.) Inquiries from a customer under point 2 should automatically be produced as PDF's (and thats the part which is not possible with Toolset I think)and the PDFs schould be visible on the Page "Angebote" which has to be created by me
12.) If a customer wrote an inquiry, it should be checked, if the the supplier has a membership or not. If yes, he should see the inquiry (see point 4). If the supplier has no membership, he should receive a message like "Hello, here is a potential customer...If you would liek to see the inquiry, please buy a membership...")
13.) If the supplier (if he has no premium membership) gets a membership within 3 days, he should the the customers inquiry with the customers data

So, is this possible? If yes, what do I need from Toolset (Toolset Access etc.) and how could I solve the PDF problem?




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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

There is no build in feature to generate the PDF files, you may require to add custom code or use different plugin to generate the PDF based on the content you provide to generate the PDF files.

The requirement you shared is a broad concept and can be done using Toolset but you may have to compromise with data structure or with forms where you are collecting the inquiry.

I strongly suggest that you should check each requirement feasibility with our plugins and divide all your requirement in small module and then try to implement it and start development.

We offer test platform where you create test site and play with it and check each possible requirement. You are allowed to create as many test site as you want and even you can use the readymade sites we build on top using Toolset that would help:

In addition to that, we also offer a membership site course, this course help you to understand how you can build the structure for your site etc..etc.. for the requirement you listed in your initial post.

If the above course does not match your membership requirement then you would require a membership plugin that fulfils all the membership tasks you listed.

All in all, you can build everything with Toolset but at some point it requires custom programming (which is beyond the scope of our support policy) or you may require to use different plugin (like for PDF generation task). So, I suggest you to play with the reference sites we offer and also go through the membership course and analyse what you can do with Toolset and what could the alternate solution.

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