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[Resolved] Appears there's a problem with latest Views and WP Engine

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Last updated by dbarber 8 years, 9 months ago.

Assisted by: Waqas.


After updating to the latest version, I'm finding that I can't create a working view on any site hosted by WP Engine.

If I try the View Wizard, it simply gets "stuck" when I click on the finish button (the spinner just keeps spinning).

If I attempt to manually create a View, it only outputs a single query no matter what limit I set (including no limit).

I've tried deactivating all non-Toolset plugins, but the problem persists.

I've also tried using the WP 2012 theme with all non-Toolset plugins inactive, but the problem persists.

Note: syntax highlighting does not appear to be in effect, as all syntax is in black.

I've tried on both production and staging sites - a couple of different sites - and the problem persists.

I've tried disabling Object Caching and CDN, but the problem persists.

I've tested on my local server, and it works fine.

I've been using the full Toolset solutions with WP Engine-hosted sites for a few years without any problems before now.

Please advise.



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Can I ask you for a temporary access to your site? So I can observe more details and can report to the dev team accordingly.

I have enabled your next reply as private, please input all details in that area. Also remember to take backup of your site.



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Thank you for providing the updated information. I have also experienced the same. I have just reported this issue to the relevant Dev Team. I will update you as soon as I hear back.



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I just got a detailed reply from Dev Team and copying below as-it-is, since it explains the issue and resolution in very much detail. Please consider followings:

There is an incompatibility, but it is not in our side. We can not solve this.

Let me share some debug info, so the client can request support from that other plugin author.

Basically, the problem is that both Views and that plugin are using a different version of CodeMirror (a script used for syntax highlighting). Views is using version 4.8.0 and that plugin is using version 3.19 (quite old). As a side-note, I feel that this plugin is not compliant with the CodeMirror license (it is not including the license declaration files, for example).

Some details:

- PageLines DMS Hooker plugin is en-queuing the CodeMirror script on every admin page although it is only using it on a single admin page, while Views is only en-queuing it on the pages it is using it.

- Views registers and en-queues the CodeMirror script with an appropriate handler name, while this plugin is using a “test?? name for it. It is also using the same “test?? handler for the CodeMirror style sheet.

In my opinion, the client should contact that plugin author and ask him to:

* Rename the CodeMirror script and style sheet handlers to something less generic than “test??, which sounds pretty bad IMHO.

* Make sure that he is only registering and en-queuing those assets on the admin page that uses them.

I hope this helps resolving the issue.


I really appreciate the time and trouble you guys went to on this.

I've advised PageLines of the issues so, hopefully, they will address them.

Thank you very much!

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