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[Closed] Alternate WYSIWYG Editor to Zebra

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Hi guys,

Any ETA on moving to a scaled back version of TinyMCE instead of Zebra?

If not soon, is there some advice on how I can set up CRED to use an alternate WYSIWYG editor? Zebra is hard to customise tool options!



Hello Joff,
this is in the todo list,

however it is not likely to be on next update.

Right now the cleditor, is what can be used with CRED forms.

What exact customization are you looking after?


Hi Nikos,

I'm trying to prevent users from admin hyperlinks to the body content.




adding... Cheers 🙂


Hi jeff,

i am not sure how using the tinymce, instead of cleditor solves this problem.

What you can do is use a cred hook and filter the post_content field.

Hope this helps


Thanks Nikos,

The above solution still allows for a user to type in hyperlinks and then you can pass validation on the content. I was aiming to save them the effort by disabling both the hyperlink an view source functions in the wysiwyg editor, leaving just standard formatting.

I've looked through Zebra's PHP files to try and find where I can override its default editor set but so far I can't figure it out.

Do you know where in the code I can do this, or perhaps some guidance on implementing a third party wysiwyg editor myself?

Validating after submission will frustrate users who spend effort crafting entries, only to have them rejected.


Hi Joff,

you want to use the wp_tinymce hooks to allow/disallow certain tags

There is a feature on the CRED todo list to handle allowed tags for elements

Right now if you want to use some javascript, you can achieve same functionality
by filtering the cleditor content periodically

the element that is WYSIWYG has a data attrubute wiht the editor instance

like :var editor= $('My_element_selector').data('editor');

also you can use the $('My_element_selector').val(); to get the current element value

the editor has similar functions to get and set content and refresh

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