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[Closed] All images in views blocked or broken

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Last updated by Waqas 6 years, 2 months ago.

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I am trying to:
When I logged into client's site today, all images all over the site on every page using views are missing.

I visited this URL:
hidden link

I expected to see:

Instead, I got:
no images. see screenshot

Here is just one of the content templates. They are all similar. I tried changing the image shortcode to raw url, but it did not help:

  <div class="partner-logo"><a href="[types field="organization-link" output="raw"][/types]" target="_blank"><img src="[types field="partner-logo" width="200" height="100" url="true" resize="pad" padding_color="#FFF"][/types]" alt="[wpv-post-title]"></a></div><div class="slide-text"><h5 class="flex-h"><a href="[types field="organization-link" output="raw"][/types]" target="_blank">[wpv-post-title]</a></h5>[types field="organization-description"][/types]</div>

I had this issue as well. Try to change all the double quotation marks inside the Views shortcodes to single ones.

[types field='ogranization-link' output='raw'][/types]

That worked for me at least...

Edit: I also removed the output='raw' on my fields.



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@Marisa: We are aware of this issue and is under high priority resolution. You can have a reference for details at

The solution provided by @peterh-7 is a good work around for the time being.

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