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[Resolved] Adding related posts with options based on a master.

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This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

Problem: Can I create a Post and let the user choose "different options" of this Post, just as I can do with WooCommerce "Variations" of product?

Solution: You can do this with a parametric Search. It will not be the same as a Product Variations, but instead, you will be creating different Posts, enriched with Taxonomies and Fields.

Then, you will create a Parametric Search with Views, where the end user can select some criteria and then view the content matching this criteria.

You can see a "real life" example of this process here:

Relevant Documentation:

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I am trying to: I am working on a real estate site and need to create a search for custom built homes. I need to be able to add new home models with variable options, like 3 or 4 bedroom, or garage vs carport, etc. The different model variations need to be searchable based on the user’s parameters and linked to each other when viewing property details.

I believe that WP-Types can handle all of this, but I’m not sure how to related these CPTs. Should I create a parent-child relationship, or go a different route? I would appreciate any advice on how to best accomplish this.


Sure, Toolset is perfect for this.

Even better, you don't need to read long and annoying how to steps by me, or a huge DOC

You can simply download this reference site and start populate your Website 😉

We have 2 Choices:
- Real Estate with Layouts
- Real Estate

On those example Sites, houses are Post Types, and Rooms are Fields.

It's quiet simple to set this up:

Then, you create a View with a parametric Search by those Fields and display it anywhere on your Website:

But above Framework is ready to go, you can use it, even build your Website on this example and sell it 🙂

Thank you


Beda, thank you for the quick reply. The real estate development site is a great resource, as were the other links you sent. I have set up a development site and added a property of my own to it. However, I am still stuck in trying to figure out how to allow site visitors to choose options for the listing.

As an example, I setup this home: hidden link. Everything looks fine for the base model of the home, but I need visitors to be able to view an alternate configuration of the home that has 3.5 bathrooms instead of 3 bathrooms like the example shows. The new configuration will of course also have a different price. So, essentially everything on the home is exactly the same, there are just 2 options for bathrooms. Does that make sense?

Is an option like this built into the site already and I have missed it? Please advise.



This could be achieved with the below process:

1. Your actual home is already created in the Post Type
2. Create a new Home, with the new details
3. Create a View, where you list the Post Type where you add your Homes
4. Create a Parametric Search o to filter by "Bathrooms" (this is a Custom field on your Setup, right?)
5. Put this View anywhere on your Site to let the User find the Home needed and then display it, after the user clicks on as example a "View Home" link

Would you need more help with this?

I can login and setup a second example home for you and add a View as described (very basic, no styles etc) for you to see how I mean it to be.

In this case I would need Access Details.

You can also feel free to ask me here anything in regard, I am happy to help you with the details.


Thank you again for replying. I think maybe we’re not connecting on what my issue is.

What I need is for the visitors to be able to view a home, then select optional features as desired. If you look at the home in my previous post, it has 3 bathrooms. My goal is to be able to show that home with an option to add an extra half bath, so instead of 3 bathrooms, it would now have 3.5 bathrooms. The user should be able to choose that variation without redoing their entire search.

I’ll try to explain this another way. You know how you can add product variations to ecommerce sites and then those variations show up both in site-wide searches, as well as on the product listing page? The variations allow people to see their product in a different color or size and the variations can alter the price. That’s what I need. I just need to apply it these home listings and have it be specific to adding features to the home, like a garage or finished basement.

If you’re looking at a home model that doesn’t have a finished basement and you want a finished basement, all you have to do is click a box and you can see how much the house would cost with a finished basement. Then, if you decide that’s too expensive, you can uncheck the box and the price will go back to the base price.




Yes, I understand

It's not possible with Views or Toolset without a Parametric Search.

Somewhere you need to tell Views, what to display, and this is done with Queries, either such Queries that are not "choosable" by the Front End user or by such that you can let the user filter the content.

You need latter.

And you can do this with a AJAX Updated Views Result.

But, you need a Parametric Search.

So if you want a SINGLE post (Home) to display relevant "choices" to choose, there are different approaches you might take in seeing up your content, but basically, you will include a View listing Homes on that Single Home and let the user filter the content.

If you update by AJAX; it won't even reload the Page but simply "fade" the results in, which you might style as you want, to plot ever y needed information on your Home.

Toolset is not WooCommerce. I am aware that WooCommerce is perfect to display variations, but Toolset is built to create and display content types.

Those Content Types can be enriched and are made "searchable" by custom fields, taxonomies and post relations.

I apologize that the way WooCommerce Does it, is not what View will produce.

You will need a Parametric Search so to allow the user find the "correct variation"

Please let me know if you need further infos about this.

Thank you for your patience.


Thank you for the thorough reply. That helps me a lot. I wasn’t sure what all functionality and limitations there were with WP-Types as I’m a new user. I will have to think about this to determine my best option moving forward.


Hi Beda, this topic was closed by me, so I don’t if you will receive this, but if you do, I’d love to take you up on the offer to create a second home and a new View to illustrate the way that your solution would look. I don’t know what you need for Access Details, but just let me know and I’ll get it setup asap. I can add you as a new user or send you my login info if needed.



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