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[Resolved] adding a marker to a map

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Last updated by martinP-13 3 years, 9 months ago.

Assisted by: Jamal.



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I can't say, maybe Trial locations are the venues! Check this screenshot hidden link

If that's the case, you can follow my example in this reply

The view loop has to contain the marker shortcodes. And the view needs to be used like

[wpv-view name="organizer-events-venues" ids="[your-shortcode-that-returns-venues-ids]"]

Please let me know if the example that I have shared in here is not clear to follow:


trial locations are VENUES relabeled jamal. at the moment im just trying to get the correct veue_id retuned , ill worry about the map later .

the last function is not queeying the current organizer id , if that function can do that i think il be allset

thankyou very mcuh



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I am sorry Martin, but I am not qualified nor allowed to produce custom code that is related to another plugin. Please, seek help from the plugins authors or from a general support forum such as StackOverflow or support forum from the plugin's authors.
Once you get a shortcode that returns the IDs of posts separated by comma (,) we'll help you get the map with all the needed markers.


thankyou jamal for all your efforts , much appreciated!!



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Thank you Martin!

All the best.


hey jamal , i have my shortcode all built and functioning ! -) ...
hidden link the ids for the related venues are shown above the map for reference .

the map is showing the clubs home marker from the template you created i now just need to add the venues returned by the new shortcode

the markers for the map are on this view , (im a little lost how to set this view up though)
hidden link

the shortcode is named: [related_venues]

in my single organizer.php i have the following

<?php echo do_shortcode('[wpv-post-body view_template="content-template-to-pull-club-location-data"]');?>
<?php echo do_shortcode('[wpv-view name="show-venue-on-club-map" ids="[related_venues]"]');?>

i feel im missing something here ? ?

thankyou as always jamal its been a long road but there is light at the end of the tunnel and i really do appreciate your assistance!!

kind regards martin

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