[Resolved] Access fields of unrelated posts from within a view

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Hi there,

I have two unrelated post types: calendarday and record. I have a view that loops through a number of of the "calendarday" posts based on a date filter and displays them on my page. I have another view that displays posts from the type "record " that I have inserted into "Content Template for Calendarday". I want to filter the record display based on a field in the calendarday post in which the record post is being displayed. Eg the post-date.

I know that a field in a parent post type can be accessed using the id="$parent" shortcode attribute, but is there a way for a view to access a field in the post in which it appears if it is not related.

Thanks - Mark


Luo Yang
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Dear Mark,

In your case, you can try with "Controlling the Views filter with shortcode attributes", see our document:

For your reference

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)